Enjoy the benefits from doing barre workout

Have you ever heard what a barre workout is? Well, if you're looking for a fun new workout, you can try this barre workout. Especially if you want to shape your body to look more toned. Sport is also fun to do with friends, you know! Not sure yet what is a barre workout? Check out the reviews below before starting.

What is a barre workout?

Barre is a sport whose movements are inspired by ballet movements, and combined with a combination of pilates and yoga movements.

This barre exercise focuses on improving core muscle strength, developing shoulder and hip stability, and improving flexibility.

This sport is suitable combined with other sports such as running or cycling. Therefore, sports barre itself is not the type of exercise to improve overall heart and lung fitness. Doing barre exercise regularly 2-3 times a week can help you build better posture and core muscle.
What are the benefits of barre ?

Because this workout prioritizes core muscle strength, stability of the shoulders and hips, and improves flexibility, this sport is more useful towards the formation of the body.

Exercise is precisely useful to form and tighten some parts of the female body, namely hip, buttocks, and thighs. In addition, this sport can also improve posture, which then can increase the confidence of women.

Body flexibility will also increase when doing this sport. With increased flexibility, of course, your space while on the move and doing other types of sports will be easier, and less risk of muscle injury.

With stronger core muscles during barre exercise, this can also help improve your body balance.
Anyone who fits into barre sports?

Basically, low-impact sports are suitable for all ages. Especially for:

    People who want to improve posture, strengthen core muscles, increase flexibility, and tighten the muscles in the area of ​​hips and thighs.
    People who do recovery after injury, for example injury to the back. Barre will help build the core muscles around your back stronger.
    Pregnant mother. Of course with safe movements that fit the needs of pregnant women. Talk to your instructor first if you are pregnant.
    Mother who gave birth.
    People who have arthritis or other joint problems.

Barre sports is not designed as a type of cardio exercise. Cardio exercise is a sport that improves heart work so that beat faster. With cardio exercise, this will effectively burn more calories in the body. Weight will go down faster.

Well, for those of you who have a goal to lose weight or lose significant body fat composition, barre sports alone is not the right choice. Because, not so much burning that will happen compared to doing cardio exercise.
Things you need to know before doing barre sports

Unlike other sports that give rise to a vigorous movement, this sport moves more calmly. Your barre sports trainer will give you instructions for moving small movements, just inches from each movement to the next.

This small movement makes your body directly use the muscle in the area you want to tighten. This was stated by Hollis Morris, a gymnastics coach at Pure Barre New York on the Everyday Health page.

The first time you attend a sports class barre, do not be surprised if your feet will also vibrate uncontrollably. This is a sign of your body adaptable.

This vibrating leg indicates that you have correctly used the muscles instructed by the trainer in each of his moves. It must have been heavy at first, but then if you've done barre sports moves more than three times you're used to it, "Morris said.

To see your movements look correct or not while doing barre sports, in the exercise room, you should use the right clothes. Use leggings and tank tops or sportswear that fit in the body but still comfortable. Each movement of your movement will be clear and can be repaired immediately if there is something wrong so that your practice is more precise and effective.