Choosing cardio training or lifting weights to burn the fat?

Exercise is the way to get the ideal weight that proves most effective. But of all types of exercises, which one is faster to lose weight: cardio exercise or weightlifting? Cardio exercise vs. lifting weights, which ones burn faster calories?

Cardio exercise is the most common type of exercise chosen to help you lose weight because this activity is very effective at burning fat.

Cardio exercise itself is an exercise to increase heart rate. The heart is composed of muscles that must move to be stronger and stronger again. When the heart muscle is strong, the blood vessels can drain more blood and faster so that it can drain more oxygen into muscle cells. This allows the cells to burn more fat during exercise and at rest. Examples of cardio exercises are walking, jogging, to swimming.

Research finds that the higher the intensity of your cardio, the more calories you burn. Here's an example of the calculations: If you weigh now 73 kg, jogging 30 minutes at medium speed will burn about 250 calories. The faster you run, the burning calories can reach about 365 calories with the same run duration.

How about lifting weights? Lifting will increase the calories burned, because after you undergo the exercise, your muscles will need a lot of energy to improve the fiber. Penn State research reports that lifting weights can burn 3 kilograms more fat than with aerobic exercise (which includes a type of cardio exercise).

Another study from Harvard found that men who regularly weightlift at least 20 minutes per day can better maintain excess abdominal fat compared with those who only do cardio exercise. Meanwhile, cardio alone is not enough to cut stomach fat deposits.

Bonus benefits from lifting weights

In addition to burning body fat faster, weight lifting also has other important benefits, namely to build and maintain bone strength and increase metabolism.

A study found that lifting weights for 16 weeks can increase hip bone density and bone growth by 19 percent. This benefit is derived from controlling levels of sclerostin while increasing the production of special hormone IGF-1 which plays an important role in bone growth. Sclerostin is one of the natural proteins in the human body, which when extraordinary levels accumulate in the bone can increase the risk of bone loss.

Other research says that weight lifting routine will increase calorie burning and body metabolism even for 39 hours afterwards. After 24 weeks of weight training, male participants' metabolism increased by 9% while women reached 4%.
The ideal body is achieved more quickly by combining the types of exercises

Improper cardio exercise can increase the stress hormone cortisol in the body that can cause the body actually store more fat in the stomach. Therefore, for those of you who want to lose belly fat and lose weight, should combine with other copper, including lifting weights.

Reporting from Health, research from Duke University found that participants who did a combination of cardio and weight training sessions were able to burn fat up to 7 kilograms after an exercise routine for 47 minutes each week.

According to American Collage of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the total duration of exercise 150 minutes per week is very effective weight loss.