5 reasons why acne appears on the same area

Acne that appears on the face is annoying, especially if the emergence is always in place that-that's all. Once healed, then reappear in the same place. If this continues to happen, the areas of skin that become "subscribed" acne for a long time can be damaged. What, anyway, causes acne to continue in the same place? How to deal with stubborn acne like this? Check out the answer below, 

The cause of acne appears in the same place

1. Wear wrong cosmetics

When certain areas of your face are cracked with pimples appear continuously in the same place, the cosmetics you use can be the cause.

Cosmetics can cause clogging of pores and buildup of blackheads in acne. This is why your acne can appear in the same place constantly.

If your skin is prone to breakouts, choose a type of cosmetics labeled specifically for oily and acne skin (for oily and acne-prone skin). Also make sure your preferred cosmetics have non-comedogenic labels that do not clog pores.

2. Using facial makeup is not appropriate

The appearance of repeated acne in the same place can happen if you make facial makeup in an inappropriate way. For example, when you apply thick powder and also rubbed into the face, or when using eye shadow.

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The presence of excessive pressure and rough friction on the acne skin can cause acne to appear in the same area. So, treat your facial skin gently either while cleaning or apply makeup.

3. Use hair spray or hair oil

Acne that appears on the forehead or around the hairline can be caused by hair care products you use. For example, hair oil or hair spray. Once you spray or apply the product to your hair, most likely the rest can affect the skin around the forehead. The product is not made for facial skin that can cause clogging of pores and the appearance of acne in the same place.

So, use hair oil to taste, not too much. Then, adjust the sprinkling distance of hair spray and cover your face with your hand when spraying it.

4. Often touch and squeeze pimples

Touching or squeezing pimples, leaning your face on your hands, or wiping your face with your hands can be the cause of acne prone skin. Your hands are exposed to a variety of dirt and bacteria. The germs eventually stick to the skin and clog the pores.

To avoid it, reduce the habit of touching the face or use a clean tissue when touching the acne. Scissors are always your nails or always cleaned when you want to have long nails. Do not forget to keep your hands clean with routine hand washing.
5. Cystic acne

Acne stone (cystic) is an inflamed and swollen acne beneath the skin surface. This type of acne usually always appears in the same place, said Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a director of cosmetics and dermatology clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, as reported by Women's Health.

Initially, acne forms a long swelling beneath the surface of the skin and is surrounded by oil. Deflating the acne depends on how much amount of oil is produced by the body.

This acne can alter the structure of the skin if you continue to squeeze it. There is no self-medication that can eliminate acne, it depends on your skin condition and hormonal balance. Usually the doctor will inject cortisone if acne continues to appear.