What you need to remember when applying raw food diet

Today there are many people who activate a healthy lifestyle. Various ways of diet was introduced to invite people to change his lifestyle to be healthier. One of the most popular diets lately is the raw food diet. What is a raw food diet? Check out the full review in this article.

What is a raw food diet?

The raw food diet has actually been around since the 1800s, but it's only gained popularity in recent years. Diet raw food itself is a diet that is done only by eating raw food or just through a little processing, for example not heated more than 40-48 degrees Celsius.

A warming process that is over 40-48 degrees Celsius can destroy the natural enzymes contained in the food so the body will work too hard to produce more enzymes. In addition, this warming process also has the potential to reduce the nutrient content in food.

At a glance this diet is similar to the vegan diet, a diet that consumes only plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Although most of the raw food diet is completely plant-based, but some are still eating raw eggs and dairy products. Some people even eat raw fish (sashimi) and meat.

People who follow this diet believe that eating raw foods will bring many benefits, including to lose weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and maintain overall health.

List of foods for raw food diet

The key to the implementation of this diet is to make sure that 75 percent of the food you consume is raw food. Most raw foods generally come from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fresh grains. For grains should usually be soaked before consumption.

Here are some other types of foods that can be consumed for your daily diet raw food menu.

    All fresh fruit
    All fresh vegetables include salad 
    Dried fruits are dried in the sun
    Dry meat
    Peanut Milk
    Olive oil and coconut oil
    Raw eggs or dairy products (not mandatory)
    Meat or raw fish (not mandatory)
    Original fruit juice with no added sugar
    Coconut water
    Filtered water (not boiled)

While some foods that you should avoid if you want to apply a raw food diet include:

    All food is cooked with high temperature
    Beans and roasted beans
    Salt kitchen
    Refined sugar and flour
    Juices and pasteurized dairy products
    Pasta and rice
    Processed foods and other snacks

That must be considered before trying the raw food diet

Until now actually there are many experts who debate the benefits of this one diet. Experts who take a counter position consider raw food to be no healthier than cooked food. Cooking may lower some nutrients, but cooking can also help kill or destroy some harmful compounds and bacteria in the diet.

Therefore, look for as much information about this diet. If necessary, consult your doctor directly before deciding on a raw food diet. Remember, this diet can not be done carelessly. It takes a strong commitment to go through the process. Regardless of the pros and cons of raw food diets, remember always about your health.