TRX is not designed for weight loss??

Obviously very able! As long as it prepares the commonly used tool for TRX. But by the way what is TRX anyway? Total Resistance Exercise or endurance exercise that utilizes body suspension through the tool.

This sport is adapted from the training patterns of US Navy SEALS troops. Rely on weight suspension, this exercise trains all body parts especially upper and lower body, and the stomach that serves to build strength, balance, flexibility, and stability.

Truly again, TRX does not need a special instructor and the variation of movement is also simple so it can be done at home with enough spare time for 20-30 minutes. And remember do not force the exercise just because of the pursuit of high intensity. And always provide white water so that the body is always well hydrated.

The fun of this TRX training that affected all parts of the body and in 1 class session that already got all from weight training, balance, cardio. Then usually in the class trainer will love position option, so just adjust according to the level of our ability.

Then, what is called TRX? In summary, TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. Dr. Michael from Hospital said TRX is actually not a training that is meant to lose weight.

"TRX is to train the muscles, balance, so to lose weight is less precise," said Dr. Michael when contacted

Historically, TRX is a sport done for US special forces. The sport was introduced to the public by Randy Hetrick, a former member of the US special forces around the 2000s.

Relying on the feet and hands as a center of support, and elastic straps as a tool, TRX is more focused on exercising the abdominal muscles. This sport is considered a heavy exercise that burns calories in large quantities, and is very effective for forming muscles in the abdomen and shoulders.

Another benefit of TRX is to make the strength of the spine more stable. But just like any other heavy sport, TRX if done carelessly and without proper guidance can actually harm yourself because the risks are quite large.

Dr. Michael called because it is a muscle exercise, TRX is less appropriate if done to lose weight. But if you want to try TRX exercise when the program to lose weight, he thinks legit as long as with the help of the instructor.

"As long as we are happy to move, yes, it depends on the instructor's guide, the program we want to achieve is also explained to the instructor to be achieved," he concluded.