The man behind Tacfit Warrior program, Scott Sonnon

Lot’s of people have heard of Scott Sonnon, but he is better known in the fitness, and martial art circles of the world. But as his programs and success story start becoming more main stream, I expect Scott and his fitness programs will become house hold names. Keep reading to learn more.

Scott Sonnon was born in 1969 in Pennsylvania. Scott started life with a tough childhood. In his young years do to disease and teachers  unable to diagnose what we take for granted today, Scott was pretty much written off as to never be able to succeed in anything.

He was  considered “legally blind” because of myopia and Thygeson’s disease.

He spent his younger years in pain by what doctors described as Osteochondrosis disease and obesity. This attacked his connective tissue in his joints which in turn hampered the development of growth plates.

He had several learning disabilities such as dyslexia but because teachers were not as educated in these fields as they are today, he was never diagnosed properly and was labeled as retarded.

Scott had to overcome not only the physical and mental aliments, but the opinions from other professional, and people of authority like teachers and doctors telling him that he would never amount to anything. Think of the damage that alone can have on a child’s psyche.

Despite all this, things that would have made most people give up Scott preserved and went on to do remarkable things. Including being a member of Mensa International where he would be invited to be a keynote speaker. In case you are not sure what Mensa is, it is basically a club for genius’s.

Not only did Scott Sonnon overcome any learning disabilities he had, he went on to create an incredible physical specimen of himself.

He would also create programs such as his most recent training program TacFitWarrior that would help ordinary people achieve both mental and physical attributes they didn’t think possible. These same programs are used to train some of the most diverse warrior groups of our day.

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Groups such as American special ops, Israeli Counterterrorism, Seals, Law Enforcement Agencies, MMA fighters, US Federal Agents and the list goes on.

Black Belt Magazine said the Scott Sonnon is “One of the top 6 Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century” incredibly high praise for someone who was written off before he even got started.

Coach Sonnon is credited in developing a strength training program where he reintroduced Indian clubs into what he calls club bells. Just one of the many programs that he will create.

Scott has been inducted into three halls of fame. The International Martial Arts, Personal Trainer, and the National Fitness Hall of fame.

Considering his childhood disease and the doctors diagnose this is nothing short of remarkable.

Coach Sonnon is very well known in the Sambo and Russian martial arts circles. He is one of the most sought after trainers for Sambo training. People have latterly flown in from all over the world to attend a training workshop run by Scott Sonnon.

Some of his other accomplishments in the world of Sambo are, from 93 to 95 he was national Sambo coach of the US Sambo Association.

He became Sambo champion in 94 at the Pan American Games.

Its clear Scott Sonnon has trained with some of the best martial artist in the world and learned from the best. In doing so he has been able to develop amazing programs that not only help people train their mind and bodies but also designed to prevent accelerating aging of joint and connective tissues.

Scott wants to make sure everyone can stay pain and injury free so you are always moving forward in your physical and mental quest for perfection.

Scott Sonnon went on as one of the founding directors to develop RMAX International to help others build their confidence both physically and mentally. You see Scott suffered from both physical and learning disabilities and over came them with the help of mentors Scott sought out and now wants to pass this empowerment that he has received on to others.

With part of their mission being “a global peak performance community of teachers and students daring to “know, grow and flow” in our lives, individually and collectively”, he has taught and developed workout routines that have helped people of all ages.

TacFit Warrior brings a new level of mental development that Scott Sonnon is keen on developing. He more than anyone knows the importance of mind body connection to bring you to a level of fitness and skill you never thought possible.

I have heard people claim that Scott Sonnon is a fraud. Personally I think these people are either jealous of his success in the fitness world or just haven’t done the research.

You don’t become one of the most sought after speakers or have the type of awards above given to you for nothing. Scott has earned everything through tenacity and perseverance and these qualities show in his programs.

Both tacfit commando and tacfit warrior are exceptional fitness programs that will build lean muscle, produce amazing energy, and have your body ready for anything from something as mundane as yard work, or having to face down an intruder.

For Scott Sonnon fitness is more than just being in shape, it is a mind body connection that will allow you to conquer any obstacle in your life.