Tacfit Commando and more recommended tacfit training for you

In this article you can find our recommendation of tacfit program you might find online to buy or join, keep on reading..

The tacfit terms itself means "tactical fitness" which refers to kind of body training that combines standard training with movement based on martial arts and military.

Below find some popular recommended tacfit training for you:

a. TACFIT 26 Program

Scott Sonnon released the TACFIT 26 Program in 2013. We think that this is quite an improvement a tacfit system. Unlike other tacfit program, you need to use recommended fitness equipment. Not just that, tacfit 26 also promotes different characteristic of body training that may enhance your whole body to a new level.

Time to follow the patter of deep, lengthy and recommended tacfit 26 training and your body might get the best result you might not imagine. and yes, it is ready to follow by men with all fitness level. So don't worry if exercise routines is not your habits. In fact, tacfit 26 provides training not only for beginners, but for intermediate and expert as well.

b.  Tacfit Warrior

Still created by same person, coach Scott Sonnon, the difference is, he was helped by Steven Barnes, the coach who has specialization in mind building and focusing. Hence this Tacfit warrior is made not only to train your body but your healthy mind as well.

the best and better thing about this tacfit program is, it's already completed with diet plan, you still need to separately buy or read good muscle or body building book though. Furthermore, it provides seven important elements like diet plan as mentioned above, mission calender manual, and more.

Scott inside his Tacfit Warrior also teaches you the prasara yoga which is great for anybody who wanna clear his mind after doing busy activity.

c. Tacfit Commando

Unlike tacfit 26, this Tacfit Commando does not require you to use any equipments at all. In fact, it requires your own power while performing the training.

Tacfit Commando uses high intensity training, like tabata protocol training for example. Hence, this program is ideal for any busy men or office workers out there.

inside the package of the system, you can find four important elements like manual guide, video plan, calender plan, and recovery technique.

d. TACFIT Kettlebell

Rather confused to find better Kettlebell training on the market? why not try the TACFIT Kettlebell which is one of the smart and recommended tacfit program you can find online. With this training, you might force to challenge your fit body to a whole new level.

Like the name it implies, this tacfit uses Kettlebell as the main equipment for the body training, unlike two other tacfit program i mentioned above.

Thanks for reading this quick tacfit comparison article.