Six ways to keeping you motivated for exercises

Regular exercise can be a good and effective way to manage symptoms of depression. The reason, exercise to make the body produce endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and tryptophan in a number of more. All of these hormones are able to make you feel happier and reduce pain. Dopamine and serotonin in particular work together to relieve stress while creating positive thoughts. But ironically, depression keeps you excited and motivated to do anything. So, how do you improve exercise motivation when depression eats away?

Tips to improve exercise motivation to fight depression

1. Choose a sport that makes you comfortable

One of the important strategies to keep your sports motivation intense is to choose the type of sport you like. Instead of pushing yourself back and forth to go to gym, try to start with simpler things. For example, walking or cycling around the complex. A more natural atmosphere will make your mind feel fresher and healthier. So, let yourself have fun with the type of sport you choose without feeling overwhelmed.

Forcing yourself to do things you do not like can actually worsen your symptoms of depression.

2. Record your physical activity

Tonisha Pinckney, a psychiatric advocate who also has depression and anxiety disorders, admits that regular exercise helps her to control her symptoms. Especially after he recorded every physical activity that he did, the motivation of Pinckney sport was increasing.

By taking notes routinely, you will know how far you struggle against depression by looking at the pattern and frequency of your sport. Creating a sports journal also makes you more responsible for keeping physical activity on a daily basis, perhaps even improving it.

This physical activity is not always about the type of sport, yes. The option to climb stairs rather than elevators or walks rather than riding in a car or motorcycle also includes physical activity that you need to take note of. That way you will be more appreciative of every physical activity you do and encouraged to consistently run the sport on a regular basis.

3. Use the five-second principle

Once you start experiencing recurrence and feel lazy or uninvited to get out of bed, help distract you from the negative crisis with the five-second principle.

To restore your sports motivation, both physically and psychologically, start counting down from five to one before starting to get up and on the move. This tactic you can use to provoke a positive aura for you to awaken from the sense of laziness that shackles.

Thus, hormones that play a role to improve your mood will continue to flow in the body.

4. Working out with friends

According to Keith Johnsgard, PhD, a professor of psychology at San Jose University, social support is very important for people who are depressed. So, it never hurts to enlist the help of friends or family members to accompany you to exercise. you can invite them to play badminton or tennis.

In addition to repel boredom, move together with friends can further boost your sports motivation. Nothing wrong to burn a little fire competition between friends to make you try harder again?

5. Do fun workout for training the body

To get the benefits of exercise in overcoming depression can not be obtained instantly. There are times when you are bored and lazy so choose to return to cover under the covers.

do not rush back to sleep. You can provide variety in every sport you do, one of them with sports while watching TV. Yes, you can do yoga or treadmill while watching TV. This can help distract you while continuing to move actively even though the view is on the screen.

6. Understand your own abilities and needs

How to improve the motivation of the sport is no less important is to understand yourself. Yes, you need to understand the extent of your ability to move. Do not force exercise if you really feel lethargic or lack of energy, because this can not only adversely affect your stress level, but also on your body's health.

Encouraging yourself to stay active when you are depressed is never easy. Well, the greatest motivation that lies in yourself. Remember again your struggle to get out of bed and start step by step to get back to work out. That way, you will be increasingly moved to exercise though should be lived gradually.