Seven effective training to burn fat that you might not know

Broadly speaking, the training is divided into four types based on the level of physical activity. The first type of exercise is endurance, this type of exercise will improve breathing and heart rate. One example of this sport is the run. Furthermore there is a type of strength (strength), this type of exercise increases muscle strength regularly through weight training in the gym. The next type of sport is balance and flexibility. These two types of sports require balance of body and flexibility in doing the movement so as not to hurt the body. Examples of the two types of sports are Tai Chi and Yoga.

In addition to the sports mentioned above, there are actually many types of sports that can be done by us all. This sport is still rarely known, but its effectiveness is very high so often used as a way to burn fat. Here's a brief description of 7 types of sports that are very effective to burn fat.

1. Tabata

Actually Tabata is not one of the sport. Tabata is a sporting method that can be applied to many sports, especially those endurance such as running. The concept of Tabata is to increase the work of the heart and also the body's metabolism instantly with super-fast movements. Someone who uses this method usually performs the movement quickly for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. This cycle is repeated up to 8 cycles or 4 minutes. Using the Tabata method, exercise only takes a short time to avoid laziness. You can combine several sports such as running, burpee, until the lunge with Tabata way for maximum results obtained.

2. Crossfit

Crossfit is a new form of sport that is known by many people. The concept of this sport is to combine sports type of endurance and strength type. This combination is usually done with a circuit training model that tempo is very fast and energy draining. In one practice session or often referred to as Workout of The Day, a crossfitter can perform sprint movement and then combined with lifting weights such as deadlift and also pull-ups. Doing crossfit exercise regularly will prevent someone from overweight that has the potential to harm health.

3. Muay Thai

Muay Thai may not be so popular in some countries. However, typical sports from Thailand is already very popular in the European region and America. In fact, the competition from muay thai itself has many emerging and followed by many people around the world. Simply put, muay thai is a sport that combines elements of silat with boxing. Someone who performs muay thai can do punches and legs can be used for deadly attack tools. This sport combines components between endurance and body flexibility.

4. TRX Training

TRX Training is one of the new sports methods that can be done anytime and anywhere. The capital you have to prepare is only a tool in the form of a long strap TRX with the end there is a hook that can be held by hand and also linked to the foot. This sport will make the body so work with extras. All parts of the body, especially the hands and feet will work with more leverage. You who do not have time to go to the gym can use this sport as one way to quickly melt the fats in the body.

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5. Kettlebells Training

Kettlebell is a device that resembles a dumbbell, it's just that it has one handle in the center of a ring shape. Kettlebell began to be developed for a variety of exercises that required the strength and flexibility of the body. Calories burned with this exercise are quite large. You exercise for 20 minutes only, the body can instantly flood sweat. Exercise using kettlebell can be done 4 times a week to be effective and not make the body too tired, because the hand will be forced to work hard so that the movement can run well.

6. Mix Martial Art

Mix Martial Art or often abbreviated with MMA is one type of new-style sports that began loved by many people. This sport combines all aspects ranging from strength, endurance, flexibility, to perfect balance. MMA exercises are usually performed like a wrestling sport. Only, this sport combines a lot of traditional martial movement that comes from many countries in the world. Currently MMA is also much contested in regional to international events. Try to practice MMA if you want to develop all the abilities of the body to the fullest.

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7. Freeletics

The next exercise that is known to be very effective to make the body so healthy and fat free is freeletics. This sport combines elements of strength and body flexibility. This sport uses the body as a burden for each exercise. You do not need a dumbbell or a barbell to practice maximally. Exercise from freeletics is usually divided into several stages from beginner to expert. All movements of freeletics are designed in such a way that the whole body can be trained with the utmost. In fact, with regular exercise, you can get the ideal body easily without having to go to the gym. The body is your capital to get perfection.

Thus the seven most effective sports to burn fat though not widely known by some people. Choose the sports above as part of productive activities to support your life thoroughly. Let's go to the gym or enough at home to exercise maximally.