Recommended training before you reach 40s

45 years old was called by experts as the golden age of humans to exercise. The cause? At the age of 45 years, human organs will degenerate naturally. Threats to health problems such as heart and stroke usually feel more real, as the temple with waist circumference continues to grow. To prevent it, once entering the age of 40 we are obliged to exercise regularly and increasingly give priority to body health. But on the other hand there are some physical activities that should have started to be reduced even not done anymore. Such as sports that are too heavy and competitive sports such as volleyball or basketball. In middle age, do sports according to the following guidelines:

Sports that are aerobic

Sports in question does not mean aerobic exercise alone. But the nature is able to train the physical while processing our breathing as well. Examples include yoga, tai chi, and pilates. In order not to be mistaken and even be injured, do the sport in the supervision of the trainer. You'd better sign up for the nearest licensed gym or fitness center in your city. If you want a practical and easy, you can also run and walk jogging.

Coaching Flexibility and Growth

The older, many who feel his body more rigid. Let's practice and keep the joints to prevent calcification and osteoporosis as early as possible. You can try the following movements:

- Swing pendulum to train joints in pelvic area, groin, and waist:

Stand up against the wall, positioning both hands straight against the wall. Let your weight be centered in your palms. Hold the body, lift the right leg to the right side to form a 90 degree angle and then lower (like a pendulum movement). Repeat 10 times and do the same with your left foot.

- Train your knees and groin: Baring as usual and turn your right thigh sideways until your right knee meets your left knee. Hold 15-20 seconds then repeat with left thigh. Repeat 3 times for each side of the body.

- Train your back and shoulder blades: With the position of, place one hand behind the head. Then turn the shoulders and back down until the two elbows meet, then immediately reply by turning the lower back again up as far as possible while keeping the body does not shift sideways. Do this 3 times before changing position with the other hand. Repeat alternately up to 10 times.

- Squats to train the thigh, abdominal, and calf muscles: Perform a squat movement and stand with both hands sticking straight ahead. Keep the torso and spine not curved. Exhale as you go down into a squatting position and take a breath as you return to the standing position. Do as many reps as possible.

Train Cardio

Cardio exercise is necessary to maintain health. Especially for the care of heart health and blood vessels. But cardio exercise should not be too heavy or too frequent because the risk of triggering a heartbeat that is too fast to suddenly fail to beat. For that you just do sports swimming and cycling 1-2 times a week.

Balance Exercises

Already train muscles and flexibility, do not forget to train also the balance of the body. In order to keep the body accustomed to balance, do the exercises like bird-dog movement aka Superman plank. The trick is easy: Starting from the initial position of planking, note that the body rests on the fingertips of both feet and on the forearm (from both elbows to the fist), then raise your left hand upwards along with your right leg straight up to parallel to the floor . Repeat this movement with your right hand and left foot up. Perform this movement up to 10 times for each side of the body.