Martial arts training to help you build body like a warrior

You who have watched the movie Fight Club with Brad Pitt as a star may have time to wish to join in the sport of the fight. The reason, in the film the fighters are not those who are forced to earn a living through the game, but more to those who want to channel his hobby and passion. Just like most of us.

The problem is, when the movie is popular, not many places provide the opportunity to fight. At best we attend a martial arts class, with a judogi uniform covering the body, and sparring sessions are not much.
But for those who wish to fight like in the movie Fight Club, this is the time awaited. The popularity of UFC has given rise to many sports combat skeletons. In addition the current preferred body shape trends, muscular but lean and lively, not as big as bodybuilders, make enthusiasts fulfill these sports classes.

What are they looking for? In addition to adrenaline while competing, many members who get a bonus form of athletic body shape, agility, energy, and fighting ability.
According to Freddy Brown of the Muay Thai Gym, the high-intensity exercise that the fighters perform is the most efficient and effective way to burn fat as well as build muscle. So no wonder if there are classes burning 1000 calories as in Vida Muay Thai.

In addition, research from Colorado State University found that types of exercises such as sparring and shadow boxing can burn 200 extra calories for 24 hours after exercise because it triggers faster body metabolism.
Not only that, an article in the Journal of Sports Sciences says this type of sport triggers HGH production up to 450 percent. HGH is a hormone that affects fat burning, while helping to repair and build muscle after strenuous exercise.
In addition, as the physical strength increases, mental and self-confidence goes up. No wonder many people release stress by practicing martial arts. You certainly will not have time to think about stress when someone is trying to hit your face ...
Well to get all the benefits above, here are five branches of fighting sport that you should try to test how hard your body:

Muay Thai

Good for: Flexibility and speed
Muay thai is a sport that allows us to hit, kick, nudge, and stab knee into the body of the opponent. Sometimes to produce a knockout, a fighter must kick his opponent's head. So speed and flexibility are part of the exercise.

In addition, maiay thai practice will increase the power of punch and stamina. Because this type of sport requires us to survive 3 to 5 rounds of fighting, then one type of exercise is physical strength, which ultimately forms a muscular body so agile.
According to Applied Physiology research, Nutrition, and Metabolism, muay thai increases aerobic metabolism resulting in muscle strength and stamina.

Krav Maga

Good for: close combat and martial arts
Krav Maga is a military martial arts born from actual conditions. It was designed to train people to face deadly attacks from criminals. Through Krav Maga we are taught to react quickly with the movement to paralyze the opponent. For that exercise includes movement and muscle strength.

Exercises in krav maga involve the use of weapons (OSTILL)
Physical exercise in Krav Maga aims to gain the ability to fight and save yourself. Through that exercise, we get fitness as a bonus as well as a high confidence.

further program: Tacfit warrior from Scott Sonnon & Steven Barnes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Good for: body strength and fighting techniques with locks
Fight on the mat while looking for how to lock your opponent requires high technical skills. This will make us accustomed to finding loopholes and solving problems. Plus, this type of fight makes us use all the muscles of our body, so we can say we do a lot of forms of muscle formation exercises.

Jiu Jitsu's training is safe because it can be done with full power but low injury possibilities because it does not involve punches and kicks. In addition, when locked, we can code so as not to feel any further pain.

Good for: Burn fat, stamina, and power punch
When practicing boxing we actually do a full high intensity exercise, plus strength training. Blow and dodge movements not only rely on the arm muscles, but all the muscles of the body.
When hit, body, waist, and legs move to produce power. In addition resistance training also requires the body to withstand the blows. No wonder the body of the boxers adorned the muscles with just a little fat.

The article in the journal The Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise says the calories burned during an hour of boxing practice reach 900 calories. This figure is much larger than other sports exercises.
What if we want to compete? Of course you do not have to be a professional boxer. There are several events that allow us to compete, such as Rookie Fight held by Total Boxing Promotions and WSBC. The match at Rookie Fight is reserved for the members of the training room to prove the result of the training.

MMA or Mix Martial Arts

Good for: mastering various fighting techniques
Exercise MMA properly ensured will make your muscles strong and fat disappears. The MMA classes are filled with strikes, kicks, locks, wrestling, and sparring. Everything was preceded by a crazy warm up session.

MMA itself is a combination of muay thai, BJJ, boxing, and other martial arts techniques. This means exercise will make your body always learn new things, and this is good for burning fat. In addition, you will have various fighting skills that can be used in various situations, whether remotely, close, or struggling.

Although the possibility of injury, injury, or KO in the MMA fight is high enough, but this sport makes the perpetrator increased adrenaline and pride. Beyond that, this sport also promises fame along with the many tournaments and competitions. If you do not plunge professionally, you can channel the desire to fight like in the movie Fight Club.