Learn more about HIIT Circuit and HIIT Running

Exercise is one way for many people to lose weight. Not only that, for some people sports are also used to form the ideal body. But what if you do not have much time to exercise? Take it easy, now there is a short, effective, and efficient method to burn fat and make your body more ideal.

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is an exercise method that uses a combination of high intensity exercise with moderate or low intensity over a period of time. Simply put, HIIT offers a short workout that makes you sweat as if you've been exercising for an hour.

Compiled from various sources, Formula HIIT is designed to increase metabolism and body fat burning. This exercise can also improve the development of fast muscle fibers (fast twitch fiber) which is widely used non-endurance athletes.

"HIIT method can train muscle endurance and stamina and HIIT also increase oxygen consumption so that the program is suitable for those who want to lose fat,"

HIIT works by spurring harder heart work, so the oxygen consumption in the body increases. Along with increased oxygen consumption, metabolism in the body will also be faster. The result, the fat used for burning energy becomes more and more.

The first study to discover the benefits of HIIT was conducted by a team of researchers at Laval University, Canada in 1994. They reported men and women who followed the HIIT program for 15 weeks experienced significantly lower body fat than other groups who did normal exercise for 20 weeks.

Then how to do it? The main method of HIIT is divided into two, namely running and circuit training. Both require only a short time, which is 12-15 minutes. But the thing to note is that before doing the HIIT method you are required to warm up. Without good heating, the risk of injury could happen.

1. HIIT Running

In principle, HIIT combines high intensity exercise with moderate or low intensity over a period of time. For a simple example, you can combine regular runs with sprints or run fast.

Like a normal 1-minute run, then 30 seconds run fast, 1 minute regular run, then 30 seconds run fast, so on without a pause to stop for 12 or 15 minutes. If it still feels heavy, you can replace a regular run with a relaxed jog.

Time 1 minute and 30 seconds is also not a standard thing. You can replace with 30 seconds and 30 seconds, or 1 minute and 1 minute if it is strong.

2. HIIT Circuit Training

If HIIT Running effectively burns fat, HIIT Circuit Training can you practice to shape your body to be more ideal. The principle is the same, only the movement is different. Simply put like 15 seconds push ups, 15 seconds squad, 15 second jumping jack, 15 second crunch, pull up 15 seconds, so on without pausing to stop for 12 or 15 minutes.

Again, motion variations and pause times are not standard. Both you can replace as needed and your body strength. It would be better if the HIIT training is accompanied by a personal trainer.

The video below may be an illustration of how a mixed martial arts athlete uses the HIIT method.