Know more about Tabata training that only requires a few minutes

Exercise is one alternative solution that can overcome this condition. One of the most recently discussed sports that is believed to be able to handle this situation is tabata, where the practice only takes 4 minutes in 4 days. However, how effective are these tabata benefits? Check out the following reviews.

What is tabata exercise?

Tabata training originated from a Japanese scientist from Izumi Tabata National Institute of Fitness and Sports, who was being asked to find ways to improve the fitness of skating athletes who will face a race. However, this search actually managed to reveal that exercise with a duration of 4 minutes for 4 days, within a week, with the level of activity performed high intensity, able to give a more effective impact compared to exercise with the duration of one hour for 5 days in a week but with the level of activity carried out medium intensity.

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This research is done by dividing the athletes into two groups. As a result, groups with high-intensity tabata exercise experienced an increase in the muscle system and their cardiovascular system - as much as 28 percent in their body, compared with those who exercised moderate-intensity tabata. The high calorie burning because of its intensity is then associated with the ability to exercise tabata lose weight.

How to do exercise tabata?

As mentioned above, this high intensity tabata sport has a duration of four minutes. During those four minutes, there are several stages and conditions you should do:

    You will start the four minutes by performing a certain sporting movement, taking out your abilities and strengths as much as possible (high intensity), for 20 seconds.
    Each time you complete your 20 seconds exercise movement, you are allowed to rest for 10 seconds. Stages with a total duration of 30 seconds is the first round or known as tabata set.
    You will then repeat the first set tabata eight times, with the same movement on each set.

For example, you plan to start your tableware by doing push-ups. Then, you will perform a high-intensity push-up movement for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds have passed, you take a break for 10 seconds.

After you have rested for 10 seconds, you again perform a push-up movement, still with a high intensity for 20 seconds as you did in the first set, then you rest for 10 seconds. As it continues over and over until you are able to complete eight sets with similar stages.

After you successfully complete eight full sets with the same movement, you can replace it with another movement, having previously rested for a minute. Some movements you can do, such as sit-ups, bodyweight squats, jump ropes, mountain climbers and other movements that can be used to train your muscles.

What you need to consider before doing tabata exercise

Due to its high intensity, some literature then says if this sport tends to be reserved for those who are already used to doing sports,

Do not forget to start tabata sport by first warming up for about 10 minutes. Instead, be safe, consult your doctor first, if you have certain health conditions or have been in the 50s, before doing tabata.