HIIT training is recommended for women to burn the fat

One of the important elements of an effective sport is the intensity of his training, i.e. how much energy issued the body while exercising. If while exercising you need more air, it means an increase in the intensity of physical activity. However, high intensity sports such as what's good for women?
HIIT high intensity sports, best for women

Basically high intensity exercise can be done with any kind of exercise. But if you're confused should plan how to design your workout, HIIT is a "package" of a sport that you can make a choice. HIIT is also suitable for career women who have a solid schedule for the time it takes quite short.

HIIT high intensity interval training alias is a combination of high intensity exercise and low intensity physical activity that is performed alternately in a short period at a time. Most of the routines performed approximately 20-50 minutes. HIIT exercise nor do you have to do in the gym. You can do the HIIT yourself at home.

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How do you do if you want to do HIIT yourself?

You can get started by doing a sport that you like, such as cycling. Interestingly, if you don't like running, then it goes without enter the run interval training into Your routine.

If you opt for the greater cycling first, increase the speed of cycling for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Boost intensity, then ride a bike as quickly as possible during 45 seconds. Back to your first speed. Then go back to the beginning with speed cycling more relaxed as the recovery phase for 2 minutes. Repeat these steps and try for cycling for 20 minutes, gradually increase Your time and speed.

You can combine several kinds of sports in one routine, ranging from jogging, plank, squats, jump rope, cycling, weights up to hiking. The important thing is the combination of intensity.

The duration for high and low intensity does not always 60 seconds and 2 minutes, so with overall duration is also not always 20 minutes. All depends on Your sport with the ability, the point of comparison is 1:2.

But if you want a heavier intensity again, you could reverse the duration becomes 2:1, where heavy intensity exercise when phase is longer than with a lower intensity exercise time.

The benefits of doing HIIT for women

HIIT increases the body fitness

HIIT workout packages consisted mostly of cardio exercise that aims to strengthen the heart and increases the heart rate. When the heart muscle is strong, then the blood vessels can drain the blood of more and faster so it can drain more oxygen into muscle cells.

The increase in cardiovascular fitness will ultimately have an impact on improving stamina and body metabolism so Your physical fitness during sports or while performing daily activities remains awake.

HIIT help burn body fat

The increase in cardiovascular fitness allows cells to burn more fat during exercise and at rest. A study reported that doing interval training for 15 minutes to burn a lot more calories than running above the treadmil for one hour. In fact, the study found that the higher intensity cardio you do, the more calories are burned.

Tips for safely doing HIIT for women

Although it gives many advantages, HIIT sports high intensity can cause discomfort for the joints. It is no wonder that this kind of exercise is very susceptible to cause injury if done those unfamiliar sport.

The following guide to be safe you need to consider:

Before entering directly doing HIIT or other type of high intensity training, it's good you did used to be mild to moderate intensity exercise for a few weeks before starting exercise HIIT. Do not directly enforce to do HIIT if you've never exercised before.
    Do HIIT workout 1-3 days of the week to avoid excessive sport syndrome symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite.
    Always do heating and cooling to prevent injury.
    We recommend that you do not do HIIT when menstruation. sporting a high intensity can be draining that can aggravate the symptoms of PMS. The pain can make Your workouts so less effective.