Few basic suspension training by using TRX equipments

Exercise increasingly growing day, the needs of sports equipment is also increasingly sought. Many sports equipment is targeted to gain a certain fitness, such as muscle formation. To get a strong muscle, muscular certainly needed an exercise tool used for weight training. One example of weight training is TRX suspension.

Sport TRX is a sport devoted to members of the military, but now TRX sports have been done by many people because it provides benefits in the formation of strong bone muscle. TRX sports do rely on the strength of the legs and hands, and center pedestal can be done between the legs, arms, or stomach.

To start a TRX sport requires Trx Tools or TRX Force kit, the tool is a tool used to practice TRX. Made from a strong rubber material that can weigh up to 50 KG. This trx tool comes with a hook that can be affixed to the pole and hand grip as a handle during practice.

TRX sport is proven to provide benefits to the muscles of the body, even now has become a mandatory sport in the army hall, TRX is also very suitable for regular exercise every day at home. Here are the benefits you get when exercising regularly:

Strengthens chest muscles

Pulling and rewinding can create a stimulus pectoralis so as to grow arm muscles

Strengthen the grip

Exercise on TRX sports is physically held on the side of the trx tool, so the strength of exercise on the strength of the hand muscles

Grow the leg muscles, arms

Repeated exercise causes the deltoid enterior to grow rapidly

TRX exercise together is very difficult to find in big urban areas, because this practice is mostly used in army camps only. Trx equipment is also very difficult to find in the market, but there are some gyms that have the equipment. But how much should you have your own equipment, because the price is very affordable. Here are some recommendations of trx suspension fitness tool

Trx is not only used for men only, women who want to diet and burn calories can use trx tool. Immediately practice daily with your own TRX tool at home and feel the benefits immediately. Only 1 hour of exercise with trx tool can burn fat up to 700 calories. Immediately have it now, so your body becomes sixpack, healthy, and strong. If you are still confused, and want to just ask, please contact our Costumer Service, because we are ready to serve your complaint.

3 Basic Exercises Using the TRX Tool

Many exercises use trx tools, nearly 20 more techniques in use in this sport, but we only share 3 basic exercises used for beginners, including:


Is an exercise such as push ups, with legs hanging. In this exercise raises the maximum muscle strength. Steps that need to be done quite easily, including hanging TRX to the available space and feet inserted into the hand grip.


Practicing chest press can strengthen the grip and grow muscle strength of arms and shoulders.


Practicing low row trx is an exercise that can form muscle strength in the chest. Do up to 20 reps

Hearing the word aerobics, would make someone interested to learn it yourself and what are the tools needed for this sport?

One of the tools that must be owned by aerobic sportsman is aerobic trimmer. This exercise tool helps a person to perform movements that can tighten the muscles of the hand.