Be a real Commando & get athletic body with Big 5 exercises

Yes, as a Commando there is a demand to have a physical prime so that physical exercise must be done every day. In addition to a strong physical, can be a bonus body so athletic.

Well, for those of you who want to have athletic and robust bodies like a real Commando, can imitate their usual practice. The British Army has developed a body training called Big 5 that anyone can do, including civilians.

Big 5 exercises are useful for improving core stability, improving health and fitness, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

"By improving your physical condition, you will feel better, have better health, more energy, and be more enthusiastic, always thinking about: a little sitting, moving a lot," says the British Army's Physical Training Corps that developed Big 5, Lieutenant Colonel Brian Dupree.

Well the following Big 5 exercise that can be imitated civil society:

1. Press-ups

Press-up is a movement to train the upper body and core strength.

2. Lift the kettelbell

Stand up straight with your legs open, then lift kettlebell in right and left hand. This exercise serves to strengthen the back and thighs of the back.

3. Plank

Plank is used to train the core muscles of the body such as the abdomen and train the spine. Hold the plank motion for 10 seconds, pause, then repeat again.

4. Reverse lunge

Reverse lunge is a movement that trains the foot. The way to stand upright, then pull one leg back as kneeling. Then, replace the foot next to it. Repeat several times.

5. Squat

Squat is a movement to train the back, abdomen and thighs. Do it with 2: 1: 2 - two seconds hold down, one second up, two seconds hold down.

To get an athletic body is of course not just a physical exercise. Healthy and balanced dietary intake is also a determinant of success to reach the athletic body like a soldier.