Anabolic state and catabolic, more to know for you

Maybe you've heard or read about anabolic or catabolic. And maybe also when you read it in fitness articles there are many called about this. Anabolic state or conditions, the terms of Anabolic Cooking is based on, are the most important for you to know as a fitness mania and to shape your body.
Easily, this anabolic means a body condition where it is in a condition of muscle growth becomes larger. While catabolic means your body is in a state of decline in muscle and the destruction of muscle fibers.

Of course, as a person who wants to build a body better we want to remain in anabolic condition and avoid catabolic conditions. But unfortunately, we can not completely eliminate the catabolic condition but we can do something to minimize it.

Eat regularly
Anabolic conditions can be easily guarded by eating well enough foods on a regular basis (every 2 or 3 hours). Keep your carbohydrate levels above and keep a cleaner protein source at the top as well. This will allow your body to have quality carbohydrates and amino acids in your bloodstream stable. This stream will allow you to have energy and raw materials for continuous muscle repair. Your body can be repaired after the gym and you can continue to grow.

Secondly, you also keep your body in anabolic condition with enough rest between sessions as the muscles grow when you rest, not when you practice. Make sure you get enough rest between exercises, your muscles should not be in a sore condition when you are going to train that muscle again. If there is still a sense of pain, it means that you need more time to recover.

Catabolic Condition
There are two things that make us in catabolic conditions, lack of food and exercise. Yes, practice. This we can not avoid but can be minimized the negative effects.

This food shortage is obvious, without food as a source of muscle raw materials, how we can build muscle or repair the damaged. When you lack energy sources, then of course your body will glance at other energy sources, what is it? Can fat, can muscle. And it turns out the easiest to burn is muscle.
If you train hard and lack food, what happens? You will instead burn your muscles instead of becoming bigger, but instead shrink them. Or when you practice for your chest and lack of food, your body will look for other amino reserves to fix your chest. It can be taken from your hand muscles or leg muscles that are not in use.

Excessive exercise length will also make you damage your muscles without being able to fix it. Keep your workout hard with a short time of up to 1 hour. Practicing 3 hours will make you look great but of course it sacrifices your body.

You can not avoid catabolic conditions, but you can reduce the effect. As you practice, that's when your muscles shout for additional nutrients both energy and protein. You should immediately take simple proteins like amino and simple carbohydrates like sugar. Thus your body will experience faster recovery.