A few characteristic that a Warrior should have

To be a Warrior is not as easy as imagined. There is a series of selection stages that must be passed from the regional level  to the central level to be passed, and later if passed the selection you also have to go through the process of education from the first education, Education Faction to continuing education time-consuming.

Following the best training like tacfit is not enough if you wanna be a real warrior, hence you should also know about characteristic a warrior should have.

all these processes are designed to get the best Warrior posture from the best. Given the contours of the country and with the technology that is still limited, the fighting spirit of the warrior is a priority in every battle and mission operation.

Knowing the Warrior's Nature

Mighty power, is one of the characters formed from several traits of Warrior. Here are the traits that show that you deserve to be a soldier of the Army.

Never give up

In everyday life everyone must always face various problems in his life. However, with the unyielding spirit of facing every problem for the sake of the problem with a cold head, it is in fact a feature of a true warrior.

Because, in every military operation and in various assignments later, the nature of abstinence is needed especially when a soldier is faced with something difficult conditions. By having the unyielding spirit, then with a cool head then the Warrior will not lose the spirit to get out of the existing problems and it will conquer the problem.


Ready assigned to all corners of the country for example, is something that must be accepted by every Warrior.

The nature of steadfast or patient when faced with something even though the heart said no but because of the mandatory task, keep us running the command call the task.


The term loyal or loyal is a trait that must be owned by every soldier. Ready to do anything on the command of the leader even if life has to be sacrificed though.

Because in the military world, by adopting a system of straight line rule or command system, requires every soldier to be obedient and obedient and willing to do anything on the command of the leader without any thought to refuse or even protest. 


Doing something because the call of the heart for wanting to serve without being governed is one of the traits that every Warrior has.

Because for a Warrior, pride for himself will arise not because of the recognition of the wider community, but when successfully participate to help alleviate the problems faced.

Willing to sacrifice

When faced with adversity, it is humane if we pretend ourselves and ignore others. However, the character is not allowed in the Warrior.

As a Warrior, sacrificing for the sake of others without expecting any reward is a must have. Because for a Warrior, sacrificing his life for others is an absolute thing that is ready to be sacrificed.