7 fun methods to burn fat and calories you can try

Here are 7 easy calorie burning tips we do in daily activities. Burning calories can even be a fun process like a walk while enjoying the natural scenery, hobby gardening, etc.

Burning calories can be done easily and fun Burning calories can be done easily and fun

If you're always having trouble losing weight, try these 7 easy and fun calorie-burning tips below:

1. More moving, burning calories effectively

People who do not move much burn 1/3 fewer calories than people who move a lot. Take advantage of your free time to do light movements. This can make a pretty dramatic difference to the number of calories you use each day.

Write the words "Let's move" on paper and stick it in places that you can see all the time, so you always remember to burn calories on the sidelines of everyday busyness.

Here are some light motion ideas for burning calories:

    Press your feet to the floor
    Swing legs
     Stand up and stretch
     Move head from right side left
     Change position
     Back and forth
     Use the toilet upstairs
    Parking in a somewhat remote area
    Stand when you're on the phone while stepping right and left
    Clenched hands and stretched them alternately

2. Eat little but often

Evidence shows that eating snacks every 2-4 hours will keep your body's metabolism to burn calories faster, so the calories are used larger.

The more often you eat, the more calories are released, because your body's metabolism is constantly working to digest and absorb food.

3. Consumption of healthy fats

Eating foods with healthy fat such as nuts, avocados and oils that contain healthy fats (like olive oil, hempseed oil, flexseed oil) can help you burn calories faster. But make sure also the amount of fat intake is not excessive.

Drinking cold water actually burns more calories than drinking warm water. Drinking cold water actually burns more calories than drinking warm water.

4. Drink cold water

Evidence shows that your body burns more calories when you consume cold water compared to when you drink hot drinks. Calories are needed to warm the cold water so that the temperature is equal to your body temperature.

5. Weight training

Weight training can increase the body's metabolism to burn calories quickly. This helps to activate the muscle tissue system, so the calorie burning process takes place even while you are taking breaks.

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6. Consumption of spices

Eating herbs in hot conditions can also speed up the burning of calories in your body. Just use half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day, to boost your metabolism and keep your blood sugar levels.

If you are not a fan of cinnamon to blend your coffee, choose another type of spice such as red pepper, crushed red pepper or wasabi to add to your diet.

7. Consume more protein

More complex proteins require the chemical decomposition of your body to be digested and used as fuel. Protein intake also takes longer to digest. Protein is also useful to stabilize blood sugar levels for a long time, so you can survive from hunger.