Use exercises to prevent the acne

Acne is one of those annoying and annoying skin problems. Acne problems can be caused because of your emotional state of emotion is not stable, in addition to other factors that affect the occurrence of acne.

Various ways can be done to overcome the problem of acne, such as by using natural and traditional ingredients, or go to the doctor. Well, one of the ways to overcome acne is to exercise. Because exercise is one of the sustainable solutions to overcome it.

Dense physical activity can increase blood flow to your skin. As a result, oxygen can spread to reach skin cells that also will make the cell more healthy than before. In addition, exercise also makes you sweat, which impacts cleanse the pores by removing the dirt through the sweat. This makes your skin health increase and reduce acne problems significantly.

By exercising, the functions of your internal organs and cardiovascular fitness will also get better. Kidney, liver, and intestines also work optimally. This means, your body will be able to get rid of toxins in the body more quickly and effectively. In addition, exercise will also improve hormone imbalances and reduce stress levels. These are the causes of acne.

Here are tips to overcome acne with exercise

1. Jogging

Do jogging at least 30 minutes every day, may be morning or evening. Jogging can be done in complex or in the field. However, do not forget to warm up first so you do not run out of breath and can arrange it well. This is so you do not easily accomplish while exercising. Jogging has good benefits for skin health, especially to keep moisture and help brighten the skin, so the skin is protected from acne and black stains due to acne can be quickly lost.

2. Pilates

This sport is certainly familiar in your ears. Pilates can be regarded as a gymnastics floor. Because pilates do not have to run or jump into the water. Pilates was able to prevent acne, because by pilates the pores of your face will be fresh and protected from oil blockage.

3. Yoga

Not only pilates, yoga is also quite attractive to young people. Yoga is a kind of sport that is shaped like a meditation. Yoga balances peace of mind and mind and body flexibility. Yoga poses are also varied. You need to be completely relaxed and calm to master a pose technique. But believe me, doing yoga can make you sweat profusely. So not only the body is fit, but your mind will be more relaxed because it can reduce the stress of the cause of acne.

4. Cardio

In addition to the above three types of sports, cardio is a type of exercise that is also able to overcome acne, especially eliminating black spots acne scars. Cardio is also very well used as a sport to lose weight. You can walk, run, swim, or aerobics for 40-60 minutes every day.

Do not forget to take a shower immediately after exercising so that the dirt from the sweat on your body is lost and does not settle. This is very important for those of you who have acne problems in the chest and back.

Sport is not only beneficial for health, but also for your own mood. To obtain maximum results, work out with an experienced trainer or personal trainer. Congratulations to exercise!