Ten ways as your preparation to get belly fat

so have you decided to make changes to your weight? Then do you have an idea of ​​what to do? However, if you feel confused with what you should do, try to suggest the following advice in the diet program to avoid belly fat so as not to cover the beauty of your sixpack.

1. Choose protein wisely

Choose a protein source wisely that does not make your body fat. It is necessary to adapt to the appropriate protein source to the body. If you do not get the benefits of building muscle through white meat, it would be nice if you dig again the appropriate protein material, maybe your body is more suited to egg whites or whey protein.

2. Eating with adequate amount of calories

Limit the number of calories you need, if you will practice with extra, then multiply the number of calories that enter into the body. In order for the production of power when practicing more leverage so that the burning of fat will be more wasted. But if you do not practice should you comply with your hungry needs, so that calories are not excessive and does not clog the fat.

3. Avoid late night snacking

The habit of snacking or eating big at night is a culture that is difficult to avoid by the people Capital city as a whole, this habit can contribute badly to the digestion of the human body. Because eating high-calorie foods or snacks before bedtime, causing insulin spikes clog, so it becomes fat deposits. When the body needs rest, then the digestive metabolism will work slowly, thus causing an imbalance to the number of calories that come with fat content is wasted.

4. Pay attention to alcohol intake

You are a fan of liquor, should be more careful in consuming this alcoholic beverage. Liquor has the benefit of enhancing the metabolism of the body, while consuming it as reasonable and not excessive. Not all liquors have a negative impact on the body, there are some drinks that help increase the body's metabolism, like wine. This type of beverage is often used bodybuilders to perform extra activities while practicing or before competing on the stage.

5. Maintain fresh fruits

Fresh fruit is an excellent source of essential food for consumption as a healthy body building material. Replacing the consumption of fruit into a refreshing juice drink, would greatly help you to have fat deposits. This is because the additional sugar content found in fruit juice, greatly helps the fat back to accumulate. It is more advisable to maintain the consumption of fruits by the way, so that the nutrients and juices are maintained naturally. However, if you still want the fruit in the juice, then avoid using extra sugar in the juice.

6. Sleep seven to eight hours a night

Losing hours of sleep can interfere with the production of testosterone and growth hormone in your body. And can cause unstable weight gain from time to time. Take advantage of your night's sleep to refresh the power that has been drained during the whole day.

7. Relax

Living with chronic stress increases your cortisol levels so that it promotes the hormone into excess fat storage, the pile can settle on your intestines and buttocks. So relax, in taking advantage of your rest time.

8. Eat every two to three hours

Setting the distance of food intake is certainly useful to control the appetite to avoid excessive entry. Do not make too long between meals and healthy snacks, because it can cause the appetite to become soaring and uncontrollable, so that any food that is in front of you feels like to devour all.

9. Change your routine

If you follow a monotonous exercise routine without any change, then your body will stop to respond to the exercise. Try to change your exercise plan at least every six weeks, so that the muscles do not adapt to the familiar movements

10. Vary your food

Protein sources are not fixated on white meat or red meat, there are many other sources of protein that match your body's needs. It is recommended for you to vary the variety of nutritious foods to suit your needs. This is done so that you do not feel bored on the menu, and you will better understand the various nutrients that are better for your body