Understanding the muscle system in your body

Humans can move thanks to a muscular system. Muscles are formed from special cells called muscle fibers. In moving the body, the muscles work with other supporters. Muscles are attached to the bone, forming internal organs, or blood vessels, and together work to move the body organs.

Without you knowing it, all parts of the body have muscles. There are muscles in charge of large movements, there are also muscles that play a role in making the movement smaller and smoother. The latter is for example flashing and facial expressions.

Different Types Of Muscles

There are three types of muscle in the muscular system of the human body, namely:

    Cardiac muscle

As the name implies, these muscles work in the heart region. Muscles work to pump blood out of the heart, circulate throughout the body, then relax muscles back and let blood back into the heart. And so on. The nature of the heart muscle is autonomous or works by itself, without the need for your help to perform or move.

    Smooth muscle

Like cardiac muscle, smooth muscle also works by itself without your need, so often called involuntary muscle, which works unnoticed. This muscle works on the orders of the brain and body needs. These muscles are layered and are present throughout the body. For example, in the gastrointestinal tract, smooth muscle that works in helping travel food. The smooth muscle in the bladder, working to hold and release urine.

    Skeletal muscle

In the muscular system, skeletal muscle is the most muscle you can feel. This muscle works based on your movements consciously and purposely (voluntarily). Together with bones and tendons, the muscles do the movements you do. The amount of skeletal muscle varies. There is a big and strong, so it can do great movements. For example, the muscles in the back, near the spine, allowing you to stand upright. There are also muscles that are not large but can perform a special movement. Examples are neck muscles, can make a turning motion, support the head, and nod.
Muscle Function

Muscle systems that exist throughout the body also have different functions. For more details, you can listen to the information below:

    Do body movement

The main function of the muscular system in the body is to make the movement. When you make a movement, the muscle follows the direction of the movement you are referring to, along with the bones and tendons.

    Maintain body balance

Muscle system makes the body become stable, because the muscle protects the important parts that are in charge to make the body upright, ie the back. There are muscles called the core muscles, namely the back, abdomen, and pelvis. The stronger the core muscles are, the body will be more stable so as to maintain balance.

    Set the posture

Muscles also function in regulating posture. If there is an improper muscle complaint or condition such as a tense hip muscle or a stiff neck muscle, it will affect posture. Conversely, if the posture is not maintained properly, will make the muscles weaker and painful joints, such as habitual sitting position or walking bent.

    Helping childbirth

At the time of your pregnancy, the smooth muscles in the uterus work to support the growing uterus as the fetus increases. When it comes time to give birth, this smooth muscle pushes the baby into the birth canal, by contraction.


When you breathe, there is a muscular system that works. The diaphragm is the muscle used for breathing. When breathing daily, the diaphragm muscles work on their own. When you are breathing heavier, such as running or breathing, diaphragm muscles need help from other body muscles. Like the back muscles, abdominal muscles, or neck muscles.


You may not realize that there is a series of muscles in the eye. This smooth muscle allows you to move your eyes like blinking and allow you to adjust your visibility and move your eyeballs in all directions. If there is damage to these muscles, then you can also experience vision problems.

During this time you may just realize that the muscle system is just the muscles that can be driven or controlled by you. However, in fact there are many types of muscles whose function is very important without being felt. By maintaining the overall health of the body, then the performance of the muscular system will remain optimal.