Don't underestimate the benefits of red sweet potato

It seems that we must begin to change our paradigm that sweet potatoes are food for the underprivileged. Although the price is very cheap, red sweet potato contains many nutrients and antioxidants. Even in western countries like the developed States, Sweet potatoes are special foods served on special days like Christmas, Independent Day or Thanksgiving in the form of cakes, pastries, salads, ice cream, pudding, muffins, soufflé, pancakes , croquettes, or supplements.

Red sweet potato is known to contain three antioxidant substances, namely beta-carotene (which is the ingredient of Vitamin A in the body, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Three of these substances are widely known to the public as a substance that is believed to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The yellow red yellow sweet potato has a beta-carotene content of 2900 mkg (9675 SI), whereas the orange yams have triple the beta-carotene content of 9900 mkg (32967 SI). But even more surprising, a cup of steamed reddish-brown yam has 50 bet SI, or 23 cups of broccoli.

The way of processing is Red Sweet Potato is relatively easier, because the beta-carotene substances contained in it are quite "stubborn". When we cultivate red sweet potato in the way of poached, it turns out the content of beta-carotene damaged by the boiling process is only about 10% of the total content of beta-carotene available. Meanwhile, if we do the processing by way of fried or roasted, the level of damage betakaroten  only reached 20%. Yet another case if we do the processing by drying, in this way the content of beta-carotene damaged nearly half or about 40%.

In addition, Sweet Potato Red is also good in consumption by diabetics, because it contains complex carbohydrates. Another benefit of red sweet potato is that it can control the production of the hormone melatonin that produces the pineal gland in the brain. Melantonin itself is a substance that can maintain the cell's health and the system requirements iratak, as well as fix it in case of damage.

Melatonin production will decrease when vitamin A intake in the body is less. When the amount of melatonin is reduced it will result in decreased function of the brain's nerves, resulting in sleep disturbances and memory loss. In addition the production of endocrine hormones will also decrease and cause the immune system to decline.

By consuming regular red sweet potatoes, the sharpness of memory, immunity, skin freshness and freshness of the organ can be maintained properly. All because of the abundance of Vitamin A and Vitamin E in red sweet potatoes are able to maximize the production of the hormone melatonin.

The fiber contained in a red sweet potato is a soluble fiber that works like a sponge foam. The fibers can absorb excess cholesterol in the blood, so the levels of cholesterol in the blood can be controlled.

Red sweet potatoes can be used to prevent constipation and make it easier to dispose of the wind. But in some very sensitive people, red sweet potatoes can cause flatulence. In addition, red sweet potatoes that contain vitamin B6 is high enough, able to control seasonal acne that appears before the menstruation. In a study also mentioned that the potassium contained in red yams can reduce the risk of hypertensive patients suffered a fatal stroke, up to 40% and high blood pressure can slump down to 25%.

Tips on choosing red sweet potato

Choose orange yellow to red and brightly colored, because the red color is a sign of high beta-carotene content.