Using yoga to help you lose the weight

If you're looking for an easy and practical way to nourish your body and mind, then yoga can be the right choice. Initially, yoga is known as a meditation exercise, but now a number of studies believe in yoga as a way to lose weight as more calories can be burned thanks to this exercise practice.

Yoga is a form of meditation sport that has recently become more popular. More and more established people in big cities are interested because yoga can be done anywhere and anytime. People who do yoga in general want to relax the body from the busy activity in everyday life.

Yoga practice aims to challenge the physical resilience that focuses on the breath setting accompanied by inner calm. Yoga practice is also considered as a form of self-awareness development sports because it focuses on the physical ability of yourself. Yoga exercises regularly can help improve muscle strength, body resistance and flexibility, and train the body more sensitive to hunger and satiety.

Yoga for Lose Weight? These are the Facts
Some researchers believe the benefits of yoga to lose weight because the sport is able to shrink the fatty body parts. Yoga applies exercises that combine posture and certain movements. These movements generally take the form of stretching and strengthening the muscles of organs through relaxation meditation and regulating breathing. The number of calories in the lost body will depend on the frequency and intensity of yoga movements performed.

However, even heavy yoga movements can not match aerobic exercise in burning more calories in the body. Burning calories when doing yoga is less than other activities, such as walking, running, or swimming. For example, people who weigh 65 kg will burn 65 calories in a light yoga movement for an hour. While a quick walk for an hour will burn 311 calories. Therefore, you are advised to choose the method and frequency of exercise in accordance with the health condition of the body.
Ways of Doing Yoga to Better Benefits
Experts agree that yoga is a form of good starting activity as a form of introduction to the world of fitness. However, how to determine which yoga movements have been done right? Do not worry, here are the right ways to do yoga for the benefits become more pronounced.

    Start the exercise in the room without a mirror and focus on getting to know yourself from inside rather than outward appearance
    Know the various postures or yoga movements that give the sensation to relax and strengthen the muscles of the limbs. Doing yoga is not easy. Therefore, appreciate your own efforts and give praise to the achievements that have been achieved today.
    Not only move the body, but try to develop the quality of self in practicing patience, discipline, policy, generosity, and a sense of gratitude. Try to challenge the body to do the movement up to the limit without making the body overwhelmed. Perform these movements while open mind and full of calm.
    Develop yoga exercises by looking at the right example through face-to-face with qualified instructors or quality landing videos in cyberspace.
    Remember the frequency and intensity of a regular exercise will make you more accustomed to make the benefits easier.
    Unyielding yoga efforts that you do will produce results. Realizing this not only inspires oneself but also others as you and your body align.
    Give a break when your body starts to feel tired.

Yoga can be applied to all ages regardless of character or body shape. Especially for a beginner, priority to perform postures or yoga movements that are practical to be applied, there are at least 8 yoga movements that must be known beginner.
Health Conditions That Prohibit You from Doing Yoga
Although doing yoga fairly safe for healthy people, but there are a number of conditions that actually risk becoming worse when doing yoga. Here are some of the conditions that conflict with the benefits of yoga:

    Herniated disc or any protrusion of the pads between the two vertebrae.
    High risk of blood clots
    Certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma.
    Uncontrolled blood pressure.
    Osteoporosis or decreased bone density, especially at the already severe level.
    Severe balance disturbance to require medical treatment.
    Pregnancy. Although most pregnant women are considered safe to do yoga, but there are some postures or yoga movements that must be avoided. Consult a maternity doctor or certified yoga instructor to confirm the movements.

If you have diabetes, heart problems, or high blood pressure, consult your doctor first. Get the right advice from your doctor before starting and gain the benefits of yoga to lose weight.