The Tips to Use Lemon for Your Healthy Diet

Several types of lemon diet can promise you a body with ideal weight or digestive tract that is free from toxins. Lemon water for diet is also believed to reduce your desire to "crave" unhealthy food.

Consume lemon water is believed to lose weight. But actually weight loss only occurs when we replace the usual sweet drinks we consume with lemon water, which is lower in calories. Doing any type of diet without eating other foods can actually make the body lack of nutrients and loss of muscle mass. In addition, your weight will also tend to go back up faster when it has completed the diet program.

Your body still needs various types of nutrient intake to perform its functions properly, including to start the process of metabolism that will process food into energy sources.

Meanwhile, the task of maintaining the digestive tract of the toxins is already held by your body organs called heart. So what you need to do is to keep the heart as well as possible. So, how best to do a lemon diet that really nourish the body?

To gain long-lasting health benefits from lemons, a lemon diet should be accompanied by nutritional intake derived from a variety of healthy and balanced dietary options.

Food sources of recommended nutrients include vegetables, fruits, fish, skinless chicken, wheat, low-fat dairy products, and healthy sources of fat such as olive oil.

The recommended lemon preparation is a squeeze of half a lemon mixed with warm or cold water. But if you are not strong with the sour taste, you can start with a squeeze of ¼ lemon. For the morning drink lemon juice mixed with warm water. Warm lemon juice in the morning can provide many benefits for your health.

You can also scrape the lemon rind to serve the spice or add it to the cake batter to get a fresh flavor.

In addition to keeping your body hydrated, lemon juice is also good to drink when you're having a cold. In addition to being a source of vitamin C, lemon for diet also helps maintain muscle function, as well as body fluid balance as it provides a nutritional intake called potassium for the body. In addition, lemon also has many other benefits for health and beauty.

Side Effects of Lemon Water for a Possible Diet

Keep in mind that lemons have citric acid content that can erode tooth enamel so that risk also on the entry of bacteria into the teeth. To reduce the risk of acid attached to your teeth, drink lemon juice through a straw. Afterwards, gargle with plain water then kick it out.

Stop consuming lemons for the diet if you experience heartburn and get worse when drinking lemon water. It is advisable to consult further with your doctor or nutritionist before you start a lemon or other diet, especially if you have a medical condition or are suffering from a disease. Complete your diet with exercise to achieve a maximum diet.