The reasons why you need to avoid using flip flops for extended time

Cheerful colors and shapes that look casual but still give the impression of a fashionable, often tempting to some women. But be careful, it turns out though looks cheerful, flip-flops are not less dangerous when compared with high heels you know.

At the weekend, or to avoid leg pain due to using high heels for too long, some women prefer to use colorful flip flops to keep it fashionable. Some of those who have problems with the ankle section also prefer to use flip-flops in hopes of alleviating leg pain. But in fact? Flip-flops can also cause tendonitis.

Flip-flops can be hazardous to the health of the feet because of minimal protection. The shape that tends to be very flat and does not have a hook on the back of the rear make our legs inevitably have to try to make the movement somewhat gripped to keep the sandals in place.

Using flip-flops to make the heel lifted free, and toes work hard to hold the sandals to keep them apart. This movement actually makes plantar fascia (connective tissue lining the sole of the foot) stretched, as well as the sole of the foot muscles. If this condition occurs continuously will cause tired feet, foot pain including the heel, and will eventually change the gait and cause serious ankle disorders.

The protrusion of the heel bone due to calcium buildup may occur. Flip-flops that do not support the shape and movement of the sole of the foot make all the legs experience repeated clashes while walking. Eventually this will tear the protective layer of the heel bone and form a calcium bulge or so-called heel spurs.

This gripping foot movement also results in foot or tendonitis injuries. Tendonitis (tendinitis) is an irritation or inflammation of the tendon (the connective tissue bending muscles to the bone). Symptoms are a feeling of tenderness or heat in the tendon (usually commonly with the tendon of the back of the ankle), stiffness, and pain.

In addition, the use of minimal flip flops may also cause back, knee, and alleged inflammation causes painful feet called plantar fasciitis. Lack of support for the foot when walking, will make the connective tissue in the sole of the foot constantly stretched. Eventually this connective tissue will become weak, swollen, and inflamed.
What's Ideal Footwear?
To avoid the various problems, you should be more careful in choosing flip-flops. Do not just because the color is interesting, but also note some of the things below.

    Flip-flops on the back
    Flip-flops with good sole pads
    The thick soles
    May alleviate collisions
    The sole heels are deep enough
    Avoid flip-flops that are very easy to bend backward
    Note the material flip-flops to avoid irritation. Flip-flops with soft leather could be your choice.

Flip-flops are attractive with bright colors, and can be an option when relaxed. But its use is too long and too often can cause various problems. Reduce the use of flip-flops that only have motive or attractive colors, and start noticing some of the above to maintain the health of your feet. If excessive pain arises, try to consult your doctor.