The Benefits of Plum for Health of your body

Plums are believed to be antioxidants that can counteract free radicals and prevent cancer. Did you know if the plum also has a good content of vitamins and minerals for the body.

Plums are red or purple. Fruits are consumed in the form of fresh fruit, juice, or dried, it turns out a lot of benefits for the health of the body. Vitamins (vit.C, various vitamins B, vitamin K), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, fluoride), phenols, and antioxidants (beta-carotene, vit A, E, lutein) Which are high in plums and their preparations.

From some of the above content, you would have been able to imagine the various health benefits that can be obtained from eating them.

Some Benefits of Plum for Health

Plums themselves contain high anthocyanins, one of the phenols that make plum nutrients easily absorbed by the small intestine and colon, and then flow in serum and urine. Anthocyanins themselves have a very good natural antioxidant effect. In addition to the plums, these compounds are also present in berries, cherries, grapes, and other dark-colored fruits.

The antioxidant effects of anthocyanins are often believed to be associated with various health benefits, such as: having an anti-inflammatory effect, preventing cardiovascular disease, and can also help prevent diabetes and obesity. However, more research is needed on the antioxidant benefits of plums for health.

In addition to the benefits of anthocyanins, other benefits of the proven plums are present in the vitamins and minerals in the fruit itself.

The content of vitamin C and vitamin A in the plum is believed to play a role to maintain the body's defense system in order to work properly. In addition vitamin A is a good choice of vitamins to maintain eye health. Vitamin E is also an important part of the plum that is believed to be useful for skin health. In addition, vitamin E also plays a role to protect the body's defense membranes.

Keep in mind that clinical research is still needed to prove the benefits of plums as antioxidants, so that plums can not be used instead of drugs. But there is no harm in putting this fruit in your diet to get the content of vitamins and minerals in it. It is advisable to consult your doctor before you eat anything for your health.