Physical and Mental Benefits of crying for the body

Crying is the result of expressing a person's feelings when feeling sad, tearful, or happy. Behind the trickle of tears that flow, it turns out there are benefits to cry that can be obtained.

A person who cries is often regarded as a whiny and weak. Men are people who often get the stamp when crying. Meanwhile, women are more reasonable to express their feelings by crying.

Types of Tears
Basically, the human body will produce three kinds of tears. Each type of tear has its own function. The three types of tears are:

    Tears reflex. Tears of reflexes occur when the eye concedes something. Therefore, these tears will serve to clear the eyes of harmful particles such as smoke or dust.
    Tears continuous (. These tears will continue to be produced by the eye regularly to lubricate eyes. Tears of this type have lysozymeyang content that serves as an anti-bacterial that protects the eyes from infection. Not only that, these tears will also pass through the nose through a special channel to keep the area moist and bacteria free.
    Emotional tears. These tears are slightly different from the reflex tears that are 98 percent made up of water. Emotional tears contain hormones produced by the body when stressed.

Physical and Mental Benefits
Aside from being a way of expressing feelings, there are actually some crying benefits that can be felt.

    Releasing stress

As mentioned above, in emotional tears, stress hormones will also be excreted while crying. Other toxins that accumulate during stress are also excluded. Not only that, other studies show that crying can stimulate the hormone endorphins which is a natural pain killer that can make you feel better

    Improve your mood

The benefits of crying can lower manganese levels in a person's body. Basically, excess manganese in the body will affect mood, such as feelings of anxiety, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances. Especially for emotion-induced tears, it contains higher albumin proteins that are useful for carrying small molecules.

    Relieves feelings

Many people who admitted feeling better after crying. Especially for those who are frustrated, mourning, and having a bad day.

    Help through difficult situations

The psychological benefits of crying are to improve your mood and help you deal with difficult or painful situations.

Watch This When Crying
Apart from the benefits of crying, it still should not take place in a prolonged manner. In addition, emotion through the crying is better done in the right place so as not to affect the mood. Do not cry in public if you do not want to feel embarrassed, do you? Hold your tears and go to another comfortable place to cry.

Crying while being with a friend or spouse, makes a person able to release emotions than when crying alone. In someone who has a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety, crying usually can not help make feelings better. Therefore, when after crying, the state of the heart becomes worse, it is advisable to consult the therapist to deal with mood disorders that are suffered.

There are many benefits for crying for body and mental health. However, be careful if you cry too much because it can be a sign that you are depressed, depressed, or moody. Consult a doctor or psychologist about the condition.