Improve your emotional state for better and healthier life

Maintaining emotional health is something important-just as important when you wanna maintain the physical health. If your emotional health is not less good, there may be physical health complaints-high blood pressure, ulcers, chest pain, or other physical symptoms.

If you are happy with yourself, it is usually much easier to cope with life's difficulties, such as divorce or the death of loved ones, as Jeff Gardere, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist in New York City says.

If so, how to make emotional health more enhanced? It has to do with how well you are able to cope with stress and how well confident it is. Here are strategies that help you to be more resilient in the face of adversity every day.

    Expand your circle of friends. "Having friends and family who support you is very important," said Gardere. "You need someone to talk to about the problem you're facing-someone who's listening to you so you do not feel alone about it."
    Learn more. "Knowledge is power," Gardere said. If you're having trouble, try to learn as many issues as you can about the issue. The more you know, the less the fear you feel.
    Move around. Do whatever type of physical exercise or exercise you like. "Routine exercise is beneficial for people who are undergoing a treatment," said Gardere. Exercise is also beneficial for anyone who is under stress. Arguably exercise is a very effective stress medicine.
    Develop your passion. Gardere suggests everyone should have at least one hobby, whether it's gardening, antique collections, or listening to music. Do something that makes you happy-'passion 'that you own. Having a hobby and being proud of it is a great way to boost confidence.
    Eat and drink naturally. Drinks such as coffee or alcohol can indeed reduce stress, but drink in limited quantities. Gardere also encourages people to eat in a reasonable amount. You can eat almost everything you want for a limited amount and accompanied by regular exercise. Keeping the ideal weight is the key to maintaining emotional as well as physical health.
    Relaxation. Relaxation techniques to reduce stress such as deep breathing techniques. How to do it: set the position of the body as comfortable as possible, then slowly take a deep breath. Breathe air from the nose and then remove through the mouth. When inhale, arrange for air to gather in the abdomen so that the stomach inflates, then exhale air until the stomach deflated. This breathing technique can make the body relax.
    Manage your time. If you create a regular schedule then set goals to achieve during the week. That way you will feel better every time you accomplish those goals. If possible give yourself some kind of reward for that achievement.
    Learn to say 'no'. If you try too hard to handle everything alone, it's just stress and frustration. So next time someone asks you to do something you can not do, just say 'no' well. Or at least say that you can not do it alone and need the help of him or someone else.
    Enough to sleep every night. Emotional health relies heavily on how quality you sleep at night. A few days of sleep deprives your mood, energy, mental, and ability to cope with stress. In the long run, sleep deprivation will wreak havoc for overall health.

Cultivate positive thoughts in your mind so that your emotional health can be improved, and this will also make you more able to cope with difficult situations now and in the future.

Emotional health affects many areas of life-from your own perspective to yourself, the quality of your relationship to others, the ability to control your emotions, coping with stress, facing challenges, disappointments, and losing something of value in life.

Being emotionally healthy does not mean it will never go through times when emotions are up and down. Just as healthy people are better able to recover from illness or injury, people with good emotional health are also better able to recover from adversity, trauma, and stress. So if you want to survive in this challenging world, try to keep your emotional well-being from day to day.