Don't let your diet program disturb your body's metabolism

In order to gain normal weight, inevitably someone must undergo a diet program. It's just that, not infrequently there are people who diet with extremes. In fact, recommended in a week, weight down about 0.5 kg.

"If the diet drops drastically it is not durable because of the potential to be a yo-yo diet, the weight is back to the beginning, up again, it's just more dangerous,"

Why is it dangerous? According to him when the body's metabolism changes when the weight loss program is done, also occurs adjustment of hormones and enzymes in the body used by the organs of the body.

Thus, when there is adjustment of metabolism, the organs of the body also experienced adjustments. When the weight drops too drastically, organs can be 'shocked' and the risk of causing interference with these organs.

"Our organs are slowly adjusting, and if drastic decline is due to extreme dieting, it could be an organ disorder, depending on which organ is hit," he said

To reduce the weight of 1.5 kg per week,  suggested reduce the energy that enters the body 500 kcal per day and divided into three meals. Suppose usual get 2,500 kcal, cut the number to 2,000 kcal with so can fall 0.5 kg per week. The amount reduces 500 kcal, suppose for the amount of rice is said about a quarter of the plate is reduced.

However, do not forget to balance also with physical activity. Associated obesity, he reminded that even if a person is not overweight, he can experience central obesity in which a lot of fat is buried in the abdominal area. Central obesity sign if the waist circumference above 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men.

On the same occasion, Dr. Simon , confirmed that central obese people are not necessarily overweight but overweight people usually experience central obesity. In people with central obesity, the risk of hypertension increases 33% if overweight is increased. When not accompanied by overweight, the risk increased by 18%. Meanwhile, the risk of diabetes doubled.

To cut fat in the stomach,  the same principle with people who want to lose weight that is actively moving and reduce the number of calories that enter. It's just, get rid of fat in the lower body, in this case the stomach,  said the process is slower.

he advised, combine diet with good physical activity. Keep in mind also there is no single food or drink that causes obesity. To prevent obesity, apply the principle of energy balance in which the incoming energy equals the out. Then, do not forget diligent check weight.

"Thus, we can measure the body mass index by the formula of body weight in kg divided by the height in the size of second rank meter.If the result is less than 18 is thin, normal in the numbers 18.5-24.9, overweight in The numbers 25-27, and if obesity value above 27, " he said.