Things to note before consuming Protein shakes for everyday

Protein shakes are often relied upon by some people to succeed in weight loss programs. The trick, protein shake is consumed as a complete food substitute that taken daily. For example, eating a chocolate protein shake instead of a bowl of porridge.

"The idea behind using protein shakes is to change one or two meals, to avoid overeating," said Professor Tim Crowe, diet and nutrition researcher. "Protein shakes may be the best choice for people with poor time skills and interests in cooking." At Deakin University.

According to Prof Crowe, excess protein shakes are easy to make and practical. With a high enough protein content, protein shake can make you easily satiated. However, as the impact of reducing food intake, certainly hunger could still be felt.

Prof Crowe said overall there is evidence that the consumption of protein shakes can help weight loss. However, when this protein shake is used as a continuation of the diet program, Prof Crowe said it is possible to actually gain weight.

To that end, he asserted that the use of protein shakes should remain under professional supervision such as dietitians or nutrition doctors. Prof Crowe also reminded to look again at the label of the composition of protein shakes to be purchased. Make sure the product contains enough vitamins and minerals then do not get, the sugar content in the product is just too high.

"For starters, replacements like this may make you comfortable, but remember, getting used to it does not make you have a handle on how to eat healthy so that weight loss can be done in the long term," said Prof Crowe.

He also argues that protein shakes must be balanced with the consumption of fruits and vegetables and other nutrients. Therefore, protein shake does not contain enough fiber and phytonutrients as contained in fruits or vegetables. Moreover, on some occasions, consuming 'real food' is also mentioned Prof. Crowe is better for a person's psychological condition, for example when there is a family event and there are various dishes that can be eaten together.