The healthy methods to gain ideal body weight

Many people who want to have a healthy body fat, but unfortunately had a body fat for most people is not as easy as imagined. Even some of them are very hard to get the body fat, even though they did eat that much. According to health experts such things could be due to several factors, it could be due to genes or organ function factor less than the maximum in producing and absorbing energy in the body.

So how to get a healthy body fat? If the bony factor not because of genes, then for fattening program will be easier. But that does not mean thin because of genes or heredity can not be fat well, they get fat just have to work harder.

Here are tips on healthy fat fast without dangerous methods, if you can do it regularly you can get weight gain of no more than one month. But remember, be consistent well.

1. Add a portion of your meal

To get the body fat, you certainly have to increase the portion of your meal. But here not just increase the portion of the meal, there are a few things to note. The first one that you add is food that contains protein and good nutrition. So instead of adding foods that are not good for the body well, like junk food.

In addition, increase the portion of food does not mean you can eat all the food. Of course there are a normal portion, because to get a healthy body fat is certainly not to eat greedy right? Later, instead of getting a healthy body fat, instead of getting diseases caused by voracious. So, increase your menu in reasonable portions.

2. Schedule meal plus

In addition to adding food portions, quick tips then fat is to add to your meal schedule. The best meal schedule for the program is to gain weight, morning breakfast with food that is not so heavy but well nourished, are like two scrambled eggs, milk and bread. At nine in the morning you can eat as light as bread or wafer, at ten o'clock you can eat rice.

Furthermore, twelve o'clock you eat rice again, two in the afternoon you can snack chips or banana chips, three o'clock you can eat rice again, at six o'clock to eat fruits and drink milk, and as cover eight o'clock at night you eat rice again , If you are overfed with that schedule, do the eating schedule with a gradual increase.

3. Add your nutritional needs by drinking milk or supplements

Nutritional needs on a person's body is different, it could be one person with enough staple foods nutritional needs are met. But there is also a need for supplements or milk with high nutritional content to meet their nutritional needs. Well, so you have a healthy body fat, you can increase your nutrient intake by drinking milk or supplements.

Choose milk with a fat content is high enough, or with a higher nutritional value compared to other types of milk. In addition you can also consume eggs as fulfilling the body's protein needs that will increase your muscle mass. That's why bodybuilders will routinely consume eggs and milk.

4. Drink plenty of water

Nearly 75% of our body is filled with water, the water is very important and much needed body. Besides as provider of fluid in the body, water is also needed for food digestion process into energy in the body. So that the food can be processed into energy to the maximum, try to drink water that is sufficiently well.

5. Exercise and avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits

Exercise is very helpful in the process of raising your weight. When we exercise, the body will be maximal transform nutrients into energy. In addition, exercise also will increase our muscle mass. So we would not skinny anymore. In addition to Exercise, you also need to avoid unhealthy lifestyle to raise your weight.

Healthy lifestyles as often staying up late, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and many thoughts or stress lightweight, will interfere with your weight raising program. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive-minded will help you gain weight quickly.

6. Snacking while sidelines between meals

As mentioned in the second point above, snacking on the sidelines of the meal schedule is very helpful to increase our weight. It is common knowledge, if snacking can gain weight quickly. Some snacks are able to gain weight quickly include cassava chips, potato chips, and banana chips, wafers, or snack containing cheese are also good to raise our weight.