The bad habits that can make your diet program fail

Planning to lose weight? You may be evaluating your diet. However, diet is not only about what to eat, but also how to eat snacks available. Things that are considered natural such as skipping meals, eating while standing, or shopping in an empty stomach condition does not look harmless.

Despite the fact that things that are considered natural that that can thwart your diet. As quoted from CBS News, here are 7 bad habits that can thwart the diet:

1. Skipping Mealtime

Skipping meals seems like the easiest way to lose weight. But the reality is not just like that. According to dietitian Lori Rosenthal, skipping meals does not make weight down and just slow down the body's metabolism.

2. Eating While Walking

The study found that people who diet and walk while eating, will eat again later. The researchers concluded, this is because walking requires strength. Walking can also reduce our ability to store food during our meals and remind us when it is full.

"When you do not concentrate on food, you fall into the trap where we do not remember that we have eaten or remembered what foods we have consumed," says psychology professor Jane Odgen.

3. Snacking at Night

Mealtime also plays an important role in losing weight. Experts say that snacking at night is not really hungry and can lead to overeating. Rosenthal suggests, before snacking at night, ask yourself whether you're really hungry or it's just a feeling for a moment. If not, drink a cup of mineral water or other non-sugary drinks.

"The body usually feels confused between hunger or thirst, then eating two or three hours before bedtime can cause digestive problems such as heartburn (the acid in the esophagus that causes burning in the chest)," says Rosenthal.

4. Do not eat at home

Eating outdoors too often, as in restaurants can increase weight. Because, often people consider eating outdoors as a social gathering so they are more relaxed and spend more food, says Rupeng An, an assistant professor at the University of Illinois. For that, it's good to have your own food at home and check back the menu you choose when in the restaurant.

5. Eat Too Fast

Rosenthal said, when a person eats quickly, the brain can not create a taste memory. In fact, studies show the memory of flavors resulting from eating slowly can provide more satisfaction and happy.

6. The Plate Code Must Be Always Clean

Should not use the principle again. According to Rosenthal, if it should apply such a rule, take the food first in a little portion and then spent. That way, the portion of the meal can remain controlled while the plate rules should always be clean can be done.

7. Shop in the Hungry Ward

"Shopping when you're hungry can make you want to fill your shopping cart with unhealthy food, never shop on an empty stomach.When we're hungry, we often fall into an illusion It's good before shopping, eat healthy fruits or snacks, "Rosenthal said.