Beware of high levels of sugars in your Smoothies drink

Smoothies are a fruit-based drink mixed with milk or yogurt. Current dietary trends make smoothies popular as drinks that are said to be able to help you lose weight.

But nutritionist from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Sarah B. Krieger, mention the healthy benefits of smoothies can make people misunderstand. The reason though healthy, smoothies is not recommended to drink a lot because of high levels of sugar.

"It's true that fruit-based smoothies, but people tend to consume more in large glasses, with the size of 600-700 cc.This can cause blood sugar to rise suddenly, which is certainly harmful to the body," said Sarah, quoted by the NY Times.

Sarah explained, the sugar content in smoothies more quickly absorbed by the body than the natural sugar in whole fruit. In whole fruit, high fiber content serves as a net or a net that makes the body convert sugar into blood sugar slowly.

Well, the smoothies, fiber content has been reduced far and lost due to the blender process. Therefore, the sugar will be more quickly absorbed by the body, which is at risk of causing hyperglycemia.

"Because the sugar content is high and more easily absorbed, you will feel faster thirst and hunger than when you eat whole fruits and vegetables," said Sarah again.

Noteworthy is the source of smoothies. If you make it yourself at home, make sure the materials used are safe and not too much portion.

But if the smoothies you drink are bought out, you should be careful. Sarah says smoothies bought in supermarkets or softies in packs contain high artificial sweeteners, protein powders, and other high-calorie ingredients.

"Just because a piece of green vegetable does not make things healthier, there's a clear distinction between smoothies and milkshakes," she said.