Seven factors that can make you happier and also healthier

Healthy and happy are two human achievement to be achieved in life. Unfortunately, life is not as beautiful story in the world of soap operas. Not a few conflicts and problems came up.

If not good at managing and resolving issues, may have an impact on health. Stress, depression, feelings of hopelessness, can impact on health in general.

Actually, it is not difficult to feel happy. Women's Health summarizes your recipe for a happy life.

1. Add bedtime
According to a study University of Surrey Sleep Research Center in 2013, adding an hour of sleep at night can significantly improve mood. Not only that, getting enough sleep are also able to keep you from various types of diseases.

It has been tested on two groups of researchers. The result, researchers found an increase in the activity of genes related to inflammation, diabetes, cancer risk, and stress response in those who only had hours of sleep a night on average 6.5 hours.

2. Exit the house and see the tree
Spending all your time in the house can be lowered mood. Instead, try out of the house and enjoy a view of green trees.

A study published International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health noted how nature can lower one's stress level. Earlier, the US study also found that people whose homes surrounded by trees will have levels of stress, anxiety, and depression were less than those who live in the arid environment.

3. Engage in social activities
Doing something useful for others can increase happiness. This is evidenced by research conducted by the BMC Public Health reviewed 40 studies for 20 years in human volunteers.

The University of Exeter Medical School has also conducted studies on human volunteers. As a result, humanitarian activities can improve the lives and life satisfaction. In fact, they had a 22 percent lower risk of death compared to those who did not join in social activities.

4. Meditation
A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (2005) show how meditation can train your brain with a good structure. Researchers found that a correspondent who meditate have a stronger body, the structure of the cortex (the brain that processes emotion, attention, and sensory awareness) becomes thicker than those who did not.

Not only that, meditation allegedly capable of causing social closeness. The researchers discovered how this therapy can reduce loneliness and make your own compassion.

5. Charity
According to research in Canada, charity and help those in financial difficulties can give you happiness. In conducting this study, the researchers divided the two groups of participants. The first group, instructed to spend the money to go shopping and buy something they like. The second group, directed to give money to people in need. As a result, both groups felt happier than the first.

6. Be Grateful
Research conducted Journal of Personality and Social Psychology never divide the participants into three groups to write a few sentences each week, with a particular topic. The first group was asked to write the things they should be grateful for. The second group, write down the things that make them happy in a week. The third group, write down the positive and negative events that affect them in a week.

After 10 weeks, the group that wrote the gratitude claimed more optimistic and able to live a better life than those whose attention is only focused on the negative.

7. Exercise
Regular exercise not only affects the physical health, as well as your mind. Because, when sports body will produce endorphins which can make you happier. Not only that, exercise sweat, presumably to increase the productivity of the hippocampus that improve brain memory.