The strong relationship between happiness with your health

In recent years these doctors, psychologists, and even economists began interested in studying the relationship between happiness with health. These studies also indicate that happiness is very influential in our lives.

Happiness and health lately more often associated with each other. Sentences such as "joyful heart is useful as a healer" you've probably heard everywhere. Although this view is still widely seen as a mere assumption, but recently have studies actually prove it.

Psychologists investigate the factors that contribute to emotional resilience, happiness, and health. Knowledge of these things can help you to live healthier, more meaningful, and reduce stress

"The experience that evokes positive emotions can quickly get rid of negative emotions that are being felt. It is used to fight against the feelings of the poor and psychological disorders, and may be the key to building emotional resilience. Therapeutic treatment is good not only aims to cure the disease, but also help patients identify and build strength and kindness they have. "

Martin Seligman, a pioneer of the field of Positive Psychology

The view that happiness and health is strongly associated with each other continue to be evidenced through the many fields of research. Here are some important research to support that view:

• Happiness and Longevity-A study involving nuns were able to demonstrate the health benefits that come from positive emotions. In a study of the life and death of the nuns obtained clues about their emotional state. The researchers were able to obtain important discoveries about happiness and health-positive emotions associated with longevity.

About 90 percent of the most cheerful nuns can live up to 85 years of age, while only 34 percent of the least cheerful nuns who were able to live up to that age. In fact, 54 percent of the most cheerful nuns who were still alive at the age of 94 years. Compare with them the least cheery only 11 percent were still alive at that age.

• Happiness and Marital-Positive emotions also often related with the satisfaction of a marriage. In a another study, the researchers were able to learn the joy of a smile on her picture in the yearbook and predict which ones are likely to be married, be faithful in marriage, and satisfied in marriage for 35 years.

Again, most cheerful group of women was the one who entered into the prediction. Equally striking from this study is that having a healthy relationship with regard to strong immunity, and thus the level of overall body health will continue to climb.

• Happiness and Optimism-Researchers also found that optimistic people live longer. Optimism in contrast to positive emotions, although both are interrelated. Not only makes you a cheerful, but optimistic attitude can make you see the world in a different way.

When happy events occur in your life, this influence on the mind as if every slightest positive events as a sign that there will be a next positive events that will happen. This optimistic viewpoint allows you to have the feeling of "I can control it" in almost every incident of life, and generate positive behaviors to health, even produce longevity.

A study found that optimistic people on average have longer life span as much as 19 percent. Clearly, happiness and health associated with the optimistic attitude in life.

• Happiness and Health-A researcher in the field of happiness, Robert Holden found that some 65 to 100 people will choose happiness than choosing health, but both of these are very much appreciated.

Luckily, you do not have to choose between healthy or would want to be happy. Happiness and health like a best friend who always existed side by side. Holden confirms this by saying, "There is no true health without happiness."

Aside from earlier studies, there is also evidence to suggest that unhappiness, depression, anxiety, and stress-related with poor health. Such negative emotions, especially if persistent lasted a long time, can dampen the immune and exacerbate inflammation in the body, causing many diseases and health problems.

Can happiness be improved? The report says that people who were able to perform the duties of religious or spiritual needs will be much happier. Another way to increase happiness is by expressing thanks or gratitude.

In addition, applying the principle of gold "happier to give than receive" is obviously very helpful. Do an act of kindness to anyone there is every chance that you can feel happy to give.

From the studies discussed in the section "Happiness and Marriage" mentioned that your relationships also affect happiness. It is known that people often get along and discuss things in with friends or family be happier. Therefore, intimate relationship with another person is essential to happiness.

It is clear that happiness is very influential on how healthy your body condition. Therefore, if you want to live a healthy life constantly, that means you also have to try to live happier. Because happiness and health are closely intertwined with each other.