The foods that can give bad effects to your skin

Choosing the right foods is certainly very important because of what you eat will affect the health, as well as your skin. Poor diet will give bad effect for your skin. Here are some foods that can aggravate your beauty and healthy skin.

rice cakes
Rice cakes may look safe to eat, but these foods can cause your blood sugar soaring so as to accelerate the formation of wrinkles. This happens because your body metabolizes simple carbohydrates in cakes in the same way that is done on sugar, which turns it into glucose.

As you know, a very high refined sugar candy that can trigger acne. Sugar also may decrease collagen and elastin (the protein that makes skin soft and supple). So, make sure you reduce the consumption of sweets, if necessary to avoid it.

 "healthy" Cereal
Packaging that looks healthy is not necessarily its content is also healthy. Do not let the packaging fool you. Although cereals are generally healthy, but many cereals "healthy" contain a lot of sugar. This could cause a spike in glucose stimulates skin wrinkling.

Milk may be good for your body, but if consumed in excess, the milk is not good for your skin. Studies show that full milk can trigger hormone which when consumed will go into the bloodstream where it can affect insulin, causing inflammation and increasing oil production.

The chips are filled with refined carbohydrates that can increase inflammation that trigger DNA damage and oxidative stress collagen. In the end, this will trigger the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging. Studies also show that refined carbohydrates are the main cause of acne in adults.

In smoothies, a lot of hidden sugar and it is not natural sugar. Bottled juice, frozen yogurt and other sweet products are generally packed with extra sugar. If you want to be safe, you should make yourself at home safe from sugar.

Juice and soda
The juice is actually almost the same as soda that contains a lot of sugar. Moreover, the lack of fiber making juice and soda are very bad for your skin. Fiber is very important to prevent blood sugar changes prematurely. And without it, the skin will easily wrinkled.

Fast food
A study shows that fast food is a food that can cause acne. Therefore, avoid these foods and eat a healthy diet that is by making your own meals.

Margarine also can aggravate your skin because they contain unhealthy fats. One study even showed that consuming too much margarine was associated with an increase in wrinkles.