Multitasking at work is proven bad for your health

Not only are you working in the office, doing various jobs simultaneously or multitasking, can be applied by anyone. However, no advantage to be gained, multitasking proved to be inefficient and could pose a risk to health.

Not without reason, it is supported by several studies that claim that the flurry of multitasking it will only make you work ineffective.

Multitasking will Lowers Work Productivity
When you feel you're working effectively with multitasking, the actual occurrence of the brain do is change the focus back and forth. Though the cerebral cortex of the brain can only focus on one thing for a time. As a result, the focus back and forth in quick time ultimately affects the quality of work performed. The time it takes the brain to move the focus was to make the process work is not optimal.

Experts estimate that does the job of multitasking would cause a decline in productivity of up to 40 percent because of the errors due to reduced concentration levels.

Contrary to the assumption during this time, multitasking is not at all helpful in saving time. Working two jobs simultaneously, it will take longer than doing one at a time. On the security side, doing the job multitasking may also invite danger. For example, someone who is driving while talking on the phone with someone who is like driving drunk.
At the end Affects More for Yourself
Do not assume multitasking will make life easier, on the contrary, the effect of doing multiple jobs simultaneously to the detriment of health.


Research shows that a group of workers who requested ready accept email submissions become much more stress than workers who check e-mail at certain times only. Similarly, for you are a student, multitasking save the risk of complications. Study habits while watching TV will make you experience stress, especially when it can not complete the maximum of the test. Additionally, you can feel confident or even depressed because they can not complete the exam.

    Disturb the heart rate and blood pressure

The stress caused by living in a multitasking job risk of causing stress. Long-term stress can interfere with heart rate, increased blood pressure, and lowers the immune system making you more susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes.

    Short-term memory disorders

Underwent two things simultaneously, not only the risk of losing important details in the task, but helped disrupt short-term memory. It is based on the results of a study of people who are older.

    lowering creativity

Doing work with multitasking makes the brain work harder. A study shows, this condition can reduce the ability to think creatively because of the capacity of the brain that it is full. For a worker who requires creativity and imagination, of course this can adversely affect the ability to be able to work optimally.


Some of the work done in multitasking, such as driving while talking or texting, is considered very dangerous. The same thing applies to join a pedestrian. A study showed that 20 percent of teens in a traffic accident as walking while operating the phone.
Now, after you have understood the meaning of multitasking ugliness itself, it's good for you to begin to make a priority so that work is completed on time and you are free from stress.