Is there the losing weight method with minimize effort?

A sentence that says' Eat right. Work out 'is often used as a mantra for those who want to lose weight.

However, when it is realized, which of the two can make a big difference and can help to achieve the ideal Bodyweight?

Is it true that the fastest way to lose weight is by exercising in the gym four times a week, or simply by ordering a salad and avoid fries at lunch?

According to the professor of the University of Texas who also sits on the Executive Director of the Fitness Institute of Texas, Philip Stanforth, has answers which one is better between diet or fitness for weight loss.

"Studies tend to show that in terms of weight loss, diet has an important role in comparison to the gym," said Stanforth, as quoted by the Independent.

Consistency take the time to do fitness in the gym to make someone take a long time to see results. Not only that, Stanforth said, Gym just burning a few calories and spend more time.

Instead of spending a long enough time, Stanforth rate, there are some foods with high sugar, high fat or high-calorie we can subtract your diet.

It will make a difference is quite obvious waistline. Sometimes, the change can also be seen in quite quickly.

"You have to walk as far as 56 kilometers to burn 3500 calories. It is a magazine that is very long. But judging from how to eat, a chocolate bar Snickers containing 500 calories, it can be easier for you subtract rather than have to walk as far as eight kilometers per day," he said.

Some studies also have the same conclusion as the Stanforth statement. In 20 studies involving 3,000 people and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2014 ago.

At that time, it was found that a diet high in protein and replace nibbles can help people maintain their weight after a diet calories, compared to fitness.

Even so, the sport can still have an impact on weight maintenance. Several studies have also mentioned that people who already have the idealized body weight after the diet, should maintain their diet and doing Workout.

Not only with regard to the stability of weight, exercise is also known to help increase positive mood and protects the body from premature aging, preventing stress, depression and anxiety.