When is the best exercise time to burn fat?

Health is getting so important issue for modern society. Especially with the proliferation of fitness center and a practical exercise techniques that can be done in any place.

On the other hand, exercise also helps to reduce weight. But the question is, when is the best time to burn fat?

Gretchen Reynolds, fitness experts recommend exercising in the morning, before breakfast. The reason, physical activity at this time will help accelerate fat burning and increase overall energy.

"Exercising before breakfast in the fat burning effect for exercise on an empty stomach means using stored fat as fuel for energy, rather than just burn the latest new snack consumed," said Reynolds, as reported by Independent.

Opinion Reynolds proved by research that was held recently. The study involved 28 male participants with an average age of 21 years, who were divided into 3 groups. The first is the group that did not exercise at all, both are groups that exercise before breakfast, and the last is a group exercise after breakfast.

All participants consumed 30% more calories, and 50% more fat than their daily consumption.

After 6 weeks of the experiment, found the results of the group who did not exercise weight gain of 2.72 kg. The group who ate breakfast before exercising gained weight
as much as 1.36 kg. Meanwhile, groups that do not have breakfast before exercising no weight gain.

"This experiment proves the effectiveness of the theory of exercise before breakfast," said Reynolds.

The other components that affect weight loss in the early morning is the sun. Research has shown that people exposed to sunlight in the morning is easier to manage weight than people who rarely come into contact with sunlight.