Sleep Like An Athlete and be a Champion!!

Sleep is a natural activity of our lives, in addition to eating and getting relax or rest. Sleep will make you feel better, not just to improve the mood, or prevent dark circles under the eyes. We require ideal sleep time between 7- 8 hours a day to allow time for your muscles and mind a rest. Meanwhile certain hormones can work only when we sleep soundly at night, including growth hormone. Because of the importance of sleep for our bodies, then we need to make sure we had enough sleep every night in order to obtain the fullest benefits.

Some of the benefits of a quality night sleep for health : Improve Memory. Do you know if your mind is very busy if you're awake ?. During sleep we will strengthen memory, and practice the skills learned while awake. If you try to learn something, be it physical or mental, then the next you'll put it into practice. But something happened while you sleep, which is something that makes you become a better learning. In other words, if you try to learn something, then the result will look better after you sleep.

Quality sleep also increases the value of academic children aged between the ages of 10 and 16 who have a breathing disorder sleep, including snoring, sleep apnea, and other types of disordered breathing during sleep, is more likely to have problems with attention and learning - according to a 2010 study in the Journal Sleep. This could lead to "significant functional impairment in school," according to the study authors. In another study, students who do not get enough sleep have worse grades than those who get enough sleep. For those who are trying to meet deadlines, will usually sacrifice sleep. However, severe sleep deprivation clearly interferes with learning.

If you are an athlete, maybe sleeping is one simple way to improve your performance. A study done at Stanford University found that: football player on college try to sleep at least 10 hours every night for seven to eight weeks, the average sprint time increases, they do not feel tired during the day, and have more stamina. The results of this study reflects previous findings, which is seen in tennis players and swimmers.

Have you ever considered the factors that go into a successful workout? Training hard and eating healthy may come to mind. But let's not forget another factor that could have a big impact on your performance--sleep. Sleep and physical activity may sound like opposites, but without rest, it’s impossible to perform at your best. 

Those who are regularly active throughout the week should aim to get at least an hour more than the standard 7-9 hours, like mentioned above. This helps to ensure recovery after any physical activity due to stress on our muscles, as well as sensory and nervous systems in the body. Training pushes your body hard, so it’s important to recover with both rest and proper nutrition.

Lack of sleep can doubly impact your healthy lifestyle in a negative way, since healthy eating efforts can be jeopardized with loss of sleep. A tired mind and body can crave unhealthy foods and lead to bingeing. On top of the fact that sleeplessness is known to slow your metabolism, this combination can crush your hard work.

In order to perform our best, it is crucial to get the proper amount of sleep our bodies need to help retain a healthy lifestyle, and with the help of a comfortable mattress, we can do just that. Casper, the global sleep brand, has put some research together about sleep cycles and optimal environments for getting a great night’s sleep so you can wake up ready to get your best workout!