Why a smoker is more prone to getting acne??

Most people know that smoking can damage the health of the body. But apparently smoking can also affect the condition of one's skin, causing acne known as "acne smoking '.

Some researchers have indeed believe that fact. Researchers from the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome, Italy said that smoking can cause acne, especially acne that is not inflamed (non-inflamed) and also blackheads due to clogged pores.

As quoted from Acne.about.com,  based on the study, about 42 percent of smokers suffered from acne while the non-smoker only by 10 percent. And smokers have a higher risk exposed acne that is not inflamed. In this study, also known three-quarters of the participants were women who smoke have acne.

However the number of cigarettes smoked did not affect the severity of acne. But if a woman had experienced acne in the teenage years, this group has a four times higher likelihood affected by acne as an adult.

While participants were non-smokers who have acne is not inflamed largely influenced by environmental factors, such as are often exposed to steam or continuous exposure to cigarette smoke.

Smoking can indeed harm the health of the skin, because it can constrict blood vessels and damage the surface of the body of the cells in the skin which is the first line of defense of the body protection. This condition can also lead to clogging of skin pores causing blackheads that led to the appearance of acne.

Besides smoking can also interfere with the appearance of the skin, such as skin wrinkles and premature aging. This is because smoking can create free radicals, damaging the production of collagen and skin proteins damage at any age. Hence one way of preventing premature aging is to stop or avoid people who are smoking.