What are the habits that can cause acne without you realise??

Women increasingly meticulous in caring for the face. They are also increasingly understood, any habit that should be avoided to keep skin healthy and free of acne. Not too often touching your face and wash your face after a day of wearing make-up into a good habit that has been done to get skin intact.

Even so, why the skin is still often experience acne that suddenly arise just like that? The answer, perhaps you are still doing this habit. Find out more things that can make the face trigger acne, red spots and blackheads.

1. Using the Phone
Mobile phones have become a must device to use. However, calling habits can cause acne. How can? When cell phones and cheeks meet, it will produce oil, and dirt from your phone to be exposed in the face. So, acne can arise. To avoid this, use a hands free when called, especially in a long time. If calling direct from a mobile phone, make sure your phone is free of bacteria by wiping the screen using anti-bacterial wipes.

2. Water
The water you use for bathing or washing the face is not necessarily clean. Less pure water can also cause acne prone skin, itching to irritation. This is because the mineral concentration is too high. Wash skin with soap, is still not effective to eliminate the adverse effects of water that is less pure. To get the water clean and pure, install best water filter on the faucet in the bathroom.

3. Milk
In an article published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology says, acne can arise because dairy products are consumed. Its milk is from cows pregnant. Just as women who were pregnant, the cow has a hormone that is high enough when pregnant. When cow's milk is consumed, the body produces more oil and can trigger acne. For that, we recommend replacing cow's milk with almond milk or soy milk.

4. Conditioner
When we wash our usually quietens conditioner a few minutes so that the nutrients absorbed into the hair shaft. It turned out that the habit is not recommended. Conditioner has a lot of oil and silicone that can be stuck to the skin. The content is very good for shiny hair, but when exposed to the skin, it can clog pores and pimples arise. Suggested, after using the shampoo and conditioner, immediately rinse the hair and face.

5. Toothpaste
The content of fluoride and sodium sulfate in toothpaste can trigger acne around the lips. How to prevent acne arises because toothpaste is toothpaste to replace the content of a lighter, without label whitening. In addition, make sure the toothbrush first, wash your face with soap. This can eliminate the remnants of toothpaste stuck around the mouth and lips.