The facts about your body's metabolism

Metabolism is a biological process in which nutrients in the food we eat is transformed in the cell to produce energy for the body. Approximately matter what you do to boost your metabolism?

Here are some facts that we have gathered to explain how age, gender, physical activity and diet can affect your metabolism.
1. Food
Drinking green tea continuously and eat chili will not magically can increase the metabolism. Food does not speed up metabolism. Some studies suggest that tea and green pepper can temporarily increase metabolism, but the increase is not too pretty to burn calories in the body.

2. The thyroid gland controls metabolism
Metabolism that determine the rate at which your body damaging nutrients into energy and controlled gland called the thyroid. This is the reason why an underactive thyroid effects in weight gain.

3. metabolic rate can be changed

It is true that many factors that determine the metabolic rate. However, it is possible to speed up the metabolism by increasing muscle weight. Muscle burns more calories per hour than fat.

4. Metabolism varies in each person

Everyone has a different metabolism. Women who weight 50 kilograms may have a metabolic rate that is different from the others despite their weight and height are the same. Metabolism can vary due to several factors such as lifestyle, genetics, age, and so forth.

5. Men do not always have a higher metabolism than women

Depth metabolism depends on body tissues. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, which means having more muscle mass burn more calories. This is the reason why men naturally have a greater risk of metabolic rate. However, a fat man has a slower metabolism than women who have more muscle tissue.

6. Exercise regularly

By increasing physical activity can increase the metabolism. Resistance training is the best way to metabolism. The more muscle mass, the faster your body will burn calories.

7. The age increases, the metabolism slows down

It is true that your metabolism will gradually slow down as well as age. Approximately 2 to 8 percent every 10 years and the mid-20s, this happens because of the disappearance of muscle tissue, which increases the same age have reduced physical activity.

8. starvation mode is just a myth

Metabolic rate can certainly declined during the diet, but it could not slow down to the point where the produce weight gain. This is why the method of hunger is a myth.