The body signs that you're doing over exercise

Sweating or feeling tired after exercise are common things you might feel after exercise. Then, a few hours later and in the following days, you will feel fitter.

But, if you have seven things like this after a workout, you may need to be vigilant. Susan Joy, M.D., surgeons from Cleveland Clinic, explains some of the physical symptoms that may often encounter after coming out of the gym.

Your face looks red

Some people seem prone to facial flushing due to the stress of body heat rises after a workout. Skin redness after exercise can still be considered normal.

But if you begin to get a rash or itching during or post-exercise, see a doctor or physician skin allergies.

This is rare but possible for you to have allergies exercise, a condition called exercise-induced anaphylaxis.

You are sweating a lot

It is not necessary to worry about. Some people just sweat more than others, says Joy. But your body will cool down by itself as you continue the exercise.

So, continue your exercise routines. Also check the medications you are currently taking. Certain types of antidepressants-may contribute to increased perspiration.

You feel dizzy

Mild dizziness after exercise may be just a sign that you are moving too fast. "After running long distances, it is important to run at the finish line and did not stop abruptly," explains Joey

Movement stops suddenly may cause blood to flow quickly to the legs and away from your brain, causing dizziness.

However, these symptoms could also be the first sign of the health problems such as heart disease. "So do not be taken lightly," said Joy

Knee problem

If knee pain or swelling, consult a doctor. However, the knee reads are common, according to Joy.

Doctors do not know exactly what was causing the sound, bone or tissue may rub against itself, or a change in pressure caused by a shift of fluid in the joints when you walk. In most cases, it is not dangerous.

Your urine looks darker

This one may be serious, especially if coupled with muscle pain. "This could be a sign that your body break down muscle as you exercise too intense," said Joy.

This condition, called rhabdomyolysis, can cause kidney failure and even death. Consult a doctor immediately. Very dark colored urine can also mean you are dehydrated, and may still require medical attention.

You feel weak in the morning

This is probably not the thing to worry about. Many people have low blood sugar in the morning 

Eat small meals about half an hour before you move out, if your schedule allows, move the sports schedule into the afternoon.

This is why it is recommended that you do not exercise too hard beyond the ability, the most important is, your body needs rest time.