The benefits you can feel from walking around the forest?

Did you know that the Japanese have a word for "Forest Bathing"? It is Shinrin-Yoku which means walking into the woods enjoying the air, scenery, plants and birds and animals that live in the there.

Not only good for the soul, take a walk in the woods or a garden filled with plants also have health benefits.

1. It can prevent cancer
An important part of making our immune system is NK (natural killer) cells that can fight cancer. Dr. Li from the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo said, based on a small sample of some of the people staying 2-3 days in the jungle, NK cells increased enormously after one month later. In fact, a trip to the jungle in a day can increase these cells even in a shorter period of time.

2. Aroma forests can reduce stress
Scents and odors have a strong effect on the health and emotions. Apparently, the smell is closely related to the emotional center of our brain. This is why certain scent can evoke nostalgia or other emotions related to our past. Chronic stress can also be reduced while longer in the jungle.

Why is that? Scientists say, pine, fir, and the tree that bears phytoncides form the essential oils of various plants and trees. It can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

3. Helps overcome depression
Located close to the tree or see it change with the change of seasons can help people who feel depressed living in the city.

4. Make the brain work better
Walking through the forest or green with trees has been found to help memory and learning. Research shows that children who play in the forest environment better with cognitive skills as well dexterity than children who are educated in an enclosed space.

5. Walking in the woods can lower blood pressure
Forests can help keep your blood pressure decreases. Researchers conducted a test in Japan where they have lower blood pressure when walking in the forest than in the city.

6. It can help people who are overweight back into shape
Body of people who are overweight can get back into shape with walking in the forests or parks. Walks in the woods far healthier than doing exercises at the fitness center.

7. Walking in the woods reduces loneliness
A walk in the woods or the park is one of the best ways to tackle health problems, reduce loneliness let alone walk with others.