Snacking can affect your mood

Snack might be your choice to eat when you have a bad day. Some believe, by eating some particularly cakes or biscuits can make sense for the better.

But you need to know, the new discovery to mention that eating biscuits or cake turns out it can disrupt your emotions or mood. Researchers in the US have been conducting research that trans fatty acids commonly found in processed foods that are baked.

What is trans fat? Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fat that is commonly found in nature but can be synthesized artificially. Trans fats can also be obtained naturally from foods, such as from animals, including meat and dairy products.

Of the five thousand people who became correspondent research found that those who ate more fatty acids, has had a lack of awareness and control over emotions owned decreased.

As reported by Dailymail, those who eat excessive trans fatty acids also be less aware of the feelings you have, then less able to read emotions clearly and less able to regulate their hearts.

Megan Holt wrote about this study from San Diego State University hopes that this research could lead to more awareness of people about how the other effects of choosing foods that contain trans fatty acids, especially the biscuits and cakes.

"By striving to avoid or limit food sources of trans fatty acids would certainly be a good start," he said.

Previously, studies have also found that people who eat a high fat tend to be more aggressive. Doctors have warned that dietary trans fatty acids can control the cholesterol that causes heart disease, heart attack and stroke.