Mistakes to avoid when you're using treadmill

Running on the treadmill can be an option when you're hard to find a jogging track with clean air and comfortable atmosphere. But keep in mind, there are some mistakes that you should avoid when doing this exercise.

Negligence on the treadmill can cause you injury and does not look very smart in the eyes of others. So start doing this prior to running on the treadmill.
1. Warming
Warming is great to increase your body's core temperature and sends oxygenated blood to working muscles. It only takes a few minutes to warm up.

2. Stretch
Stretching is the best way to prevent injuries, reduce muscle pain, and help you run more efficiently.

3. Treadmill in a spacious room
Given enough room in the back of the treadmill, if you fall, you'll land on the carpet that is behind you. If you are in a very narrow place, you will probably crashed into the wall or sports equipment sharp behind you.

4. Avoid long strides
While you might think a long step can make you faster, know, step shorter support right shape and increased efficiency in the running of your body.

5. Do not swing your arms at chest
Not only unpleasant to look at, the swing arm in the chest just a useless waste of energy, make bad posture and make it difficult to breathe.

6. Do not hold the bottle
Holding the bottle at only affects the arms and the upper part. To protect yourself, place your bottle on the console of the treadmill while you run.

7. Avoid holding on to the handle
It can disrupt your space and make your step becomes difficult. Let your arms swing naturally.