Lack of nutrition can make you eat more

There are many reasons why you want a particular food such as cravings.

The experts say, it happens because you are deficient intake of micro-nutrients. The phenomenon of craving is not good if left unchecked as it will lead to excessive eating your food.

Nutritionists, and Jayson Calton Mira, states that a low intake of micro-nutrients easily trigger feelings of hunger.

To control the desire to eat, you are advised to meet nutritional needs following.

1. Calcium and magnesium
Calcium and magnesium are always running at same time. Disadvantages both can make you eager to consume excessive sugar and salt. In fact, there is mention when you go crazy eating chocolate is a sign you are deficient in these two nutrients.

Make sure you get enough calcium from dairy products and dark colored vegetables. Magnesium can get by eating nuts, seeds, and broccoli.

2. Vitamin B
B vitamins such as B1 and B5 help keep your adrenal glands to function properly. Vitamin B6 and B9 plays a role in the formation of a specific neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood to feel better. This deficiency makes you susceptible to stress that eventually triggers excessive eating desire.

Vitamin B is found in meat, seafood, dairy, egg yolk, chicken salmon, bananas, avocados, until dark leafy vegetables.

3. Zinc
Significantly lower zinc will encourage you to eat more salt and sugar. You will continue to look for sweet and salty food until completely satisfied. Zinc is typically found on some animal sources, such as crab and chicken meat.

4. Iron
Lack of iron will cause your desire to eat meat. Sources of iron contained in dried fruits, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, and nuts. Eating sources of iron along with a source of vitamin C will make more optimal absorption.

5. Omega-3
Less intake of these essential fatty acids stimulate the desire always eat cheese. Excessive eating cheese is not good in terms of health. Therefore, make sure that omega-3 is met through food you eat daily.