The ways you can do to stay active while you're working

Always fit with good stamina is the key to improving employee morale and instrumental in increasing productivity. Sitting too long at the computer is not good, in addition to making your saturated, it can also cause many diseases such as eyestrain, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even stroke.

To avoid all that, you just need to be active and healthy at work. And, you need to know, not just talk about healthy nutritious diet alone, but all of your activities in the office also contribute to maintaining health. And here are some tips for you to keep fit while in office.

1. Hydrated well

Be sure to drink enough water as you work. The water intake helps physical and mental performance regardless of detoxifying the body also helps in digestion.

2. Perform stretching

Most of the people who work for long hours complaining of stress, backache and joint pain. While weight gain is the biggest problem in the workplace today. To avoid this, you just need to remain active by stretching the muscles as much as possible while in office.

3. Choose the stairs over elevator

More recommended you use the stairs instead of the elevator in order to remain fit and energetic. This way, you also discount more time to discuss the work with your colleagues when you are walking alone with her. Thus, your focus will be distracted from the floor. This simple exercise can also make you a little exercise in the office and make you stay healthy.

4. Consumption of healthy snacks

Being in the office is likely to make you always want to nibble. But, excessive snacking can lead you fat. So to keep the stamina to keep fit, you prepare the snack-healthy snacks and nutritious to be your companion while working.

5. Enjoy the game

Game busting stress in the office only to employees who feel relaxed, not you busy. There are many exciting games that you can play with your partner. Therefore, play around for a while not just maintaining your energy stable but also maintain the condition of your body in good condition.